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Second Appearance! Walking Dead #35 by Charlie Adlard!

February 9, 2007

As part of a second wave of letters sent out to artists, I sent one to The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard in October of 2006. In December I got this e-mail:

At last - it's done! Bet you must've given up hope...

Anyway - you'll be drawn in [as a zombie, of course] - in #35, page 2, panel 1 - hope you like being cut in half!


The Walking Dead is definitely a must read whatever week it comes out. This of course was a holy crap moment, and I was ecstatic.

In February of 2007 The Walking Dead #35 came out. Like Ryan, I contacted Charlie about buying the page from him. Because Charlie lives overseas I waited for him to ship his art to a dealer in the states, and promptly bought it through him. Now it lives next to my first appearance on my wall.

In the July Walking Dead #38 a letter shows up in the letter column asking about my appearance specifically, asking if it was drawn off a real person. Writer Robert Kirkman replied he, "didn't think so", so I of course responded. In September my response makes print, announcing my campaign to the world. Hopefully I didn't inspire anybody to duplicate my idea.

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 10:35 PM