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Fifth Appearance! The Boys #15 by Darick Robertson!

February 7, 2008

-or- This isn't a library.

I had to be talked into reading the first issue of The Boys but after reading the first two issues I was pretty well hooked. Sad thing is I actually kinda met Darick Robertson in San Diego when I went in 2006. Unfortunately The Boys still had a few months yet to come out.

I included Darick in my third wave of letters I sent out in November of the year the book came out. As with most of my letters to publishers (excluding Image) it fell on deaf ears. In April of the next year I found an e-mail address for him and wrote him. He replied back "As long as I can do to you what I want, I think this is a fun idea. I'll let you know when I can do something with your mug."

In November of 2007, Darick e-mailed me asking me for specific head shots for a spot in the comic!

Attached with the following picture he wrote, "Strangely, I'd forgotten what you looked like and sketched out the scene, then I remembered your request.

When you sent the pics I was surprised how much you looked like the character I'd already randomly sketched!"

A month later he informs me that I'd be in The Boys #15! Thanks Darick!

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 5:52 PM