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2010 DMI Artist Update: Part 3

January 26, 2010

Some unfortunate news was announced a few months back, when writer of Astounding Wolf-man Robert Kirkman let slip in his letter column that the title was ending with issue #25.

This worried me because recently artist Jason Howard had made quit his "other" job to become a full time comic book artist. Ah, but apparently there are plans in the works for another Howard/Kirkman book in the future... and I have my theory to what it might be. *hint* G.G.

Riley Rossmo? What the heck is this guy doing? He's working on Proof, a book that must do simi-well in sells and has picked up it's fair share of fans I know... and then around it's big #25 issue goes off to do a side project Cowboy Ninja Viking. And so Proof will be wrapping up it's first season only to relaunch again with a new #1, with both writer Alex Grecian and Riley returning. Eh, I don't know... Riley does some great stuff.

Finally for this installment, Jamal Igle! He's been riding the Superman book rollercoaster. Supergirl fans have praised him for his work, and in another month the title will hit it's 50th issue. He's been doing great along with his writing partner giving Supergirl the consistency and quality the book had struggled with for a lengthy time. Here's to a great artist and all around nice guy! Congrats Jamal!

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Thanks Ardian Syaf! Superman/Batman #68

January 20, 2010

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Draw Me In Appearance #13! Superman/Batman #68 by Ardian Syaf!

Lucky number thirteen! And I'm being saved by Superman! Or Clark Kent really I guess. Thanks goes out to Ardian Syaf beginning his run on Superman/Batman.

And this is a title with some name power behind it. Sure, to another comic fanboy out there, tell 'em you're in Walking Dead or Invincible, that's cool. But to somebody who doesn't collect comics, they don't know about The Boys or know who Blue Beetle is. The closest I've come with a mainstream title has been Supergirl. Well now, here I can say I'm in a Superman AND Batman book.

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2010 DMI Artist Update: Part 2

January 18, 2010

Not much to say about artist David Hedgecock, as he has been a little low key as of late. I had to search his Comic Book Database page to see what current projects he's had as the last e-mail address I had doesn't seem to be current anymore. Last year he helped rap up SLG's run of Gargoyles which I was sad to see end.

Now here's a busy guy, enter Freddie Williams II. Former Robin artist has his new gig at DC on JSA: All-stars. On top of being one of DC's busy artists, he also had a "how to" book published last year "The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics". I recently picked up my copy and can't wait to start my own project.

Darick Robertson has been working on The Boys for quite a while now (since about 2006). He's had a few side projects sure, but look for things to hit the fan starting soon in the up-coming month.

Coming up on Wednesday should be my lucky number thirteenth appearance in Superman/Batman #68 by Ardian Syaf. After that I'll continue my artist updates! Until then, cheers!

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2010 DMI Artist Update: Part 1

January 11, 2010

Every now and again I like to use this space to give updates on current projects that Draw Me In (DMI) artists are up to. I figure I might as
well go in order, so on to Mr. Ryan Ottley!

This man is a machine. He's still working hard on Invincible which is currently set up for some big action soon, also a special Invincible Returns issue.
Also recently he started a second project with fellow colaborator Robert Kirkman in Haunt, which is also an enjoyable read. The man can do no wrong.
*UPDATE* Turns out Ottley's last issue on Haunt will be issue #5. Layout artist Greg Capullo will be assuming the role of the title's new full-time penciller.

Charlie Adlard. Thank you sir, for constantly bringing everything to the table on the best black and white zombie book I read monthly. Which, I guess there really isn't a big market of those, but in all seriousness Charlie does a mean splash page, or double splash... and you know those are reserved for those Kirkman "Oh no he didn't" moments. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
2010 is shaping up to be quite the exciting year for comics. Look forward to more updates on DMI artists soon.

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