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Thanks Greg Smallwood!

August 25, 2013

My local comic store was shorted their copies of Dream Thief #4 this week, but I did manage to grab an issue elsewhere today. And here it is, in hand!

Thanks Greg for being my comic book bud through all these years, and hopefully many more years to come! I'm happy for ya and appreciate all that you've done!

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Appearance #41! Dream Thief #4 by Greg Smallwood!

August 21, 2013

This guy... this guy.

First off, this is not the first time Mr. Smallwood has drawn my mug. He's drawn me on the cover of a local newspaper/magazine and even managed to sneak me in to a convention poster. But now, as a comic book artist proper, I'm thrilled to be able to add Greg's name to this list with an official DMI appearance in Dream Thief #4!

The pages themselves, are pretty cool. Being part of a poker game is fun, but my character also gets mentioned by name too!

People ask me which appearance is my favorite. I hate to single out any of them, each one it's own unique story. But see, I've been rooting for Greg and his comic work longer than I've been doing this campaign. So if anyone asks... this one is right up there.

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Thanks Fico Ossio!

August 9, 2013

Thank you Fico for a cool looking panel. I dig it!

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Appearance #40! Critter #13 by Fico Ossio!

August 7, 2013

Appearance #40! Getting closer to the big 5-0!

Earlier this year in April during my local big convention (Planet Comicon) I stopped by the Big Dog Ink booth. I had started following them on Facebook and wanted to check out some of their titles first hand. Of course I ended up checking out their super-hero line in Critter. I picked up every single issue of the current on-going.

I really enjoyed the art on the book done by Fico Ossio and so, yeah, I e-mailed him. It's kinda my thing to do here if you haven't noticed by now. I was excited when I heard back from Fico so quickly and then later informed of my future appearance in Critter #13!

I love it! I'm all, action-y and have speaking lines and stuff. Check out the featured page below!

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