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Contact! Plus Update!

February 26, 2013

Hello dear reader. I wish I had the kind of dedication to update more frequently, but for now I still only post when something is going on, or news worthy. But I digress...

I keep the wheels in motion all the time, and with comics it's a big waiting game. I'm also really psyched for my local convention Planet Comicon here in Kansas City which happens April 6 & 7.

This year they've moved to THE convention spot in the city and with the new bigger space, they are pulling out all the stops. I'll be there both days chatting it up with all the guests, taking pictures and handing out flyers. I hope to get a few bites from the gracious folks there... and tons of autographs too.

As far as future appearances go, I've recently received an exciting e-mail from IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles artist Mateus Santolouco. He along with Batgirl artist Daniel Sampere have both expressed interest in putting my mug in a future issue.

I was very impressed by Daniel's most recent issue of Batgirl, and as a product of the 80's, I'm excited at the prospect to appear in an issue of TMNT.

Also, as for my work "behind the scenes", I'm getting projects in line as far as actually finishing scripts and locking down artists to draw these stories of mine. I'm thrilled to actually be creating work and hope that if I continue such pursuits, perhaps I can build to bigger and better things. Baby steps.

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