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Appearance #52! Solitary #2 by Angel Tovar!

March 25, 2015

Earlier this month was my local con (see previous post). On the first day of this convention I found a nice surprise, an early copy of Solitary #2 written by CW Cooke! Upon flipping through the pages, I find myself on the last page in the jury box.
During the Kickstarter for his campaign one of the rewards was to be drawn in as a member of the jury. Thankfully he had a seat to fill, and thus breaking the streak of CW trying to kill my character for my cameos in his books. Unless... the jury bites it in later issues...
Big thanks to CW Cooke for the face time and Angel Tovar for the artistic duties.

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Planet Comicon 2015!

March 22, 2015

Another year, another Planet Comicon. The weather was great, the short walk from the hotel was nice, and I enjoyed the closer entrance to the convention hall instead of the long walk up a ramped corridor of previous years. And that's just logistics.

But moving on to the con.

The first day of the show was on Friday and I enjoy the Friday experience due to the smaller crowd and being able to get in and out with the tickets/wristbands quickly. Once through the gate I got a feel for the floor and how things were laid out, and then with less people crowding dealer tables I proceeded to do some shopping... for which I did quite a bit of this year.
It's nice to have friends at the show who are creators and have booths. All the local Kansas City creators know me, most by name at this point, and it's nice to just be able to chat with them so easily about anything and everyone. But I would feel more left out of the loop if it wasn't for my good friends Greg Smallwood and CW Cooke. If it wasn't for these two cats I'd just feel like wallflower, on the outside looking in. I'm happy to see them both gaining success in their work and projects.
I commissioned a sketch from Freddie Williams II of Wonder Woman to compliment a sketch of Superman I picked up from him years ago from Free State Con in Lawrence Kansas. I usually don't purchase original art from shows mainly due to the costs, but I couldn't pass up buying a Supergirl/Betty piece from Archie artist Dan Parent. As well as get my picture taken with him holding the issue of Archie he drew me into.

Speaking of DMI books, I got to meet Sam Humphries, writer of Fanboys Vs. Zombies which I managed a sweet cameo in issue #1. Humphries was a pleasure to meet and talk too, he even crafted a unique photo opportunity (see below).

Talked it up to a few other guests of interest, including writer/artist Jason Latour. I tried to warm him up to my campaign here... I really, really like Southern Bastards. Spoke to a few artists in artists alley which artwork really caught my eye. Leeeanne Krecic had some nice work in her portfolio and I've read from her tumblr that she's received some high praise from Marvel and Dark Horse editors at the show. Also off his recent issue of Bitch Planet is Robert Wilson IV. He told me of a possible project forthcoming as schedule permits (don't think it's been mentioned anywhere so it's a secret right now), but he was nice to talk to and so I gave him a flyer. I hope to add his name to the DMI list sometime in the future.

Couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Mandy (Playboy) artist Dean Yeagle. I was hoping to get a sketch from him (which I did inside the cover of his sketchbook pictured below) but I just didn't have the cash to spend. It was nice to chat with him and his wife though as we shared some San Diego Comic Con experiences.

Surprisingly I didn't pick up a lot of actual comic books, which is kind of sad. I looked and looked for some decent $1 and $2 bins and couldn't find any. Everybody was asking a lot for recent titles and that's not what I look for when I shop at the dealer booths. But I did pick up new books from my bud CW Cooke and a few sketchbooks to support the cause. I did have a good time overall and look forward to their show next year.


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Sneak Peek! The Big Con Job #2!

March 9, 2015

Something I've been holding back. In about a month I'll be making a triumphant return to San Diego Comicon via a DMI comic cameo in The Big Con Job #2 from Boom! courtesy of Dominike "DOMO" Stanton!

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