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This Post is for Ande Parks

March 29, 2009

Because I said I would. Need reference, you got it.

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Planet Comicon

March 28, 2009

There were some fun weather issues starting off the day, but otherwise this years Planet Comicon was good. There were plenty of people dressed up in costume, which hasn't been the case in past years. I picked up some good deals from the dollar bins and a few issues to flesh out some collections. My main goal as it has been since I started DMI has been to meet and talk to the various writers and artists of the comic book world. This year's con I managed to really concentrate on the local guys, all of whom are a really great bunch of fan friendly guys.

First up I talked to Skottie Young, current artist of Marvel's Wizard of Oz series. I had a run of New X-Men he did signed and talked up a bit of the characters. Nice guy.

After talking with Skottie I headed towards Freddie Williams II table. There waiting for me were two of the six pages he had drawn me into of Blue Beetle #15. Freddie is an awesome guy, of all the artists I've talked too this is the guy I've held the most contact with. Thanks for everything dude.

I'd never really talked it up with artist Tony Moore before. With the exception of the first few issues of The Walking Dead, I hadn't read any of his recent work. So I feel awkward approaching somebody like that. But this year I had a reprint of The Walking Dead #1, so I had him sign it. He was easy to talk to, and took to my campaign.

I stopped by to have Ande Parks and Phil Hester sign a few more Green Arrow books they did. I talked to Ande for a while and while taking interest in my quest, told him I'd dedicate a post to him.

Found and had a quick chat with Alex Grecian. He signed all the issues Proof that had came out since the last/first time we meet. As of now I have the entire run signed by him. He's a good guy, I should probably chat with these all these guys more often.

Next up were the KC writers. I hit up Jason Aaron first as his line had a break in it. Like Tony, I don't collect anything that Jason writes. Nothing against the two guys, I just don't follow their books. However I do plan on picking up Jason's forthcoming first issue of Wolverine: Weapon X. Something for him to sign at the next con.

In a recent interview he and fellow KC writer Matt Fraction did for Wizard magazine, I pulled a quote that Jason said was advice he received before his first time writing Wolverine, "Just write the F---king Wolverine." I thought that was good advice so I put it on a nameplate and gave it to him.

Next to him sat B. Clay Moore, sometimes writer of Hawaiian Dick. I kid, I kid. You see, at last years con I decided to pick up the first three issues of his on-going series Hawaiian Dick, and after a year only two issues have come out. Otherwise I haven't picked up his other stuff. Unfortunately he didn't bring his entire catalog of books for sale on Saturday, otherwise I might have picked up his Wildstorm title Casey Blue. We talked about the future plans of Hawaiian Dick, including one for an Obama parody from all the recent comic attention the president has received, which should be fun to see.

Lastly I talked to Matt Fraction, and got a few books signed. I hoped to find a few recent issues of Invincible Iron Man to have signed, but failed. I probably just didn't go to the right booths, but there's just way too many comics to look through, you know?

All these guys remembered me, which is good. They all took to my fliers and said they'd pass them along to the artists of their respective books. I would love to be in all the local guys titles.


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Time to Get Going Again

March 24, 2009

Well, I've had a nice bit of in activity here, trying to get a blog going again, with something I like. I'm not to sure about the header up there, but it's something for now.

Started contacting people again, seeing as it's the only way I'll get my mug into comics. If you're one of those people, Hi! Thanks for visiting!

This weekend is the annual Planet Comicon in Kansas City. It's usually the only big con I attend every year. A lot of familiar names and faces on the bill. Not to many out of town guests, but that's alright. I still need to win over some of the local guys here. I'll be sure to post my visit this weekend!

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