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2010 DMI Artist Update: Part 4

February 20, 2010

Moving right along to a section of DC artists right now. After rapping up her run on the mini-series Terra, it conveniently lead to her next assignment on Power Girl. Power Girl is now Amanda Conner's character. After a great story working on her over in JSA: Classified, I've enjoyed her solo series and I hope both it and Amanda's work continues for the title for some time.

Lee Garbett's short story arc on what was a great restart for the Outsiders moved him over to start anew on another Bat title: Batgirl. He's been doing great over on her title too, the man can do no wrong. Still not a fan of other characters being tossed into limbo all the time in the DCU (i.e. Cassandra Cain), but that is to no fault of Mr. Garbett.

Guillem March just recent wrote and drew on the latest issue of Gotham City Sirens. Paul Dini will be back on regular writing duties come next issue, but congrats to Guillem for as he states on his blog, "very special issue to me. I´m satisfied as I´m not been since long ago with my work, though many people may consider this issue just another fill-in, and they are not wrong at all."

Thanks to all these artists again for helping me in my campaign. Again pointing out a nice run of DC books on the list, just giving props to the company that was my starter drug to this wonderful hobby of comics!

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