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To Boldly Go!

November 24, 2012

Got a bit of good Thanksgiving news this week.

Two words: Star Trek!

Three letters: TNG!

Next month from IDW, Star Trek: TNG Hive #3 courtesy of Joe Corroney.

I can't wait.

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Contact! Mark Robinson & Will Sliney!

November 3, 2012

I've recently had the fortune to contact two artists that have agreed to help me in my "comicquest".

First off is Mark Robinson whose first issue of I Love Trouble debuts in December from Image Comics. The premise looked interesting and loved the preview pages in Previews. This book looks fun and I can't wait to read it.

Most recently I contacted Will Sliney, current artist on MacGyver from Image Comics. He's recently been announced as the artist on an up-coming Marvel Now project with Cullen Bunn for now simply teased as "Fearless".

Both artists have said they'd fit a cameo in somewhere in future issues of "Trouble" and "MacGyver". I look forward to both! Looks like DMI 2012 is wrapping up and things are starting to line up for a good start in 2013!

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Magazine Article - Unicum

November 2, 2012

Just got this in the mail.

A month or so ago I did an interview for UNICUM (a German magazine especially for university students). Haven't seen an online version yet, but as soon as I'm aware of one I'll post it.

Pretty cool!

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