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Appearance #56! Hit: 1957 #4 by Vanesa R. Del Rey!

July 29, 2015

And with one panel Vanesa R. Del Rey broke the tie with Riley Rossmo to have drawn a character of my likeness in three separate comics!

With the cliffhanger of issue #3 of Hit: 1957 I thought for sure crime boss Domino was going to die. *SPOILER* he didn't, he just ended up in the back of a trunk. So, there's that I guess. Can't rule out the possibility of a third series. Man I'd get some mileage out of this cameo then.

Many thanks to Vanesa for the opportunity of taking a chance on my little campaign here, and using my likeness on a pretty pivotal character in both series. It's damned awesome actually. I look forward to seeing what projects she has lined up for the future and wish her much success. Perhaps I will be able to thank you in person at a convention someday.

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