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DMI Year In Review! PLUS Planet Comicon 2014: The Lost Post!

January 1, 2015

Well, this hasn't really been a gang buster year for Draw Me In, only three appearances to add to the list... but hey, it is what it is.

The BIG DMI event of the year has to be the fact I hit the big 5-0 on appearances with April's Tomb Raider #3 drawn by Nicolas Daniel Selma.

I've neglected the campaign a bit in an effort to do some writing of my own, but as 2015 hits I am happy to say I've got at least three potential cameos lined up, two Marvel books and an Image title. Looking forward to those!

As a bonus to my Year In Review, here's an additional posting of my annual trip to Planet Comicon in Kansas City. I was not responsible enough to actually post it back in March when it happened, but I'll try to do better for this year as it's only a few months away! So here we go...

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