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First Appearance! Invincible #37 by Ryan Ottley

December 8, 2006

-or- The appearance that almost didn't happen...

I had just started my campaign and was about to go to my first con with the intent of talking to pros. So of course it would be fitting that I started with the grand daddy of them all: the San Diego Comic Con.

I made up little green fliers and handed them out to just a small handful of artists, I soon found out I didn't really know how to approach anybody about this yet. I did muster up enough strength to hand one to Ryan Ottley, artist of one of my favorite titles, Invincible from Image Comics.

In September I sent out a wave of letters to artists, one went to Ryan. I'm glad I followed up; because it was with this that I managed to get a reply via e-mail.

"Hey this is Ryan Ottley. I got your letter through Image, I also got your flyer at the San Diego con. I wasn't interested in doing this but my wife said I'd BETTER do it. Soooooooo....you'll be in issue 37 of Invincible, page 2. Hope ya like it."

All day I had a back and forth e-mail conversation with Ryan. He even sent me a scan of the panel I was to be in.

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