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Appearance #18! Green Lantern Corps #54 by Tyler Kirkham!

November 18, 2010

Wow, another appearance! Two weeks in a row!

Although sadly I still do not have copies of Tron: Betrayal #2 in hand from last week, I did happen to check out this "late" Halloween party appearance in Green Lantern Corps #54 drawn by Mr. Tyler Kirkham!

After the news broke about Tyler's addition to GLC, I was so impressed by his penciling and preview pages, I e-mailed him immediately! Tyler was up to helping with my campaign here and even had a scene in mind! A few months later to great inticipation there I am. Standing right behind Sinestro in a "Superman like" costume with my initials on the chest.

Awesome. You sir get double points for personalization right there.

I love this hobby.

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