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DMI Interview

May 30, 2011

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Diogo Bercito, a reporter for Folha, Brazil's leading newspaper. Diogo was interested in doing a piece on Draw Me In and I was happy to oblige.

Here is a link to the article, check it out!


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Sweets #4 Page by Kody Chamberlain

May 24, 2011

Oh, yeah.

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FCBD 2011

May 7, 2011

Had a great FCBD this year. Loaded up with some friends and hit two "local" stores that were having signings and chat it up with my favorite kind of celebrity.... comic book creators.

Our first stop was a place I wouldn't have automatically thought of as far as comic book stores go, Hastings in Lawrence Kansas. The main draw for going was this new up and coming artist named Greg Smallwood (sorry Jai). But the fact that he and I are friends probably had a hand in going too. I'm glad his talent is finally getting some notice out there! I've known it for a while.

I'm just saying.

So I got a signature from Greg, get a free sketch (hey, it's his first FCBD signing... had to make him work right?) and chatted it up with him and Jai. Jai's Nitz is a super nice guy to chat with and I aways walk away having heard some cool new story.

Before I move on, most of my time was just standing by Jai and Greg's table chatting, but man... I didn't realize that Hastings had so much to offer in the way of comic book stuff. I just thought it was some book/movie/music place. Just shows you how much I shop at Hastings. I actually found a copy of last years FCBD The Sixth Gun and issue #1 of The Other Side.

Next stop is Elite Comics in Overland Park Kansas. This year the store managed to bring in the guys behind Oni's The Sixth Gun; Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt.

I'd like to mention that I just recently discovered this book back in February and it has become one of my most favorite monthly reads! I had meet them both only about a month ago when they came to Planet Comicon in Kansas City. I had given them both a flier for DMI, but I totally didn't even bother to ask for a sketch from Brian. I had planned to fix that today!

When I first walked in, Cullen and Brian were not sitting at their table. They were however chatting it up with B. Clay Moore and Seth Peck around the corner (apparently Elite had just ordered pizza for everybody). B. Clay recognized me as they were chatting and said "Hey".

I didn't want to interrupt them, I don't want to be that guy... though I feel I do sometimes, so I shopped around and waited. I had also showed up to see Alex Grecian, writer of Proof by Image Comics. Apparently I had missed him. No worries.

I got to chat it up with the guys finally, which in any conversation between comic pros that I can actually contribute to is just great. I described the St. Louis Project Comicon show to Brian and B. Clay from my experience from last year's show. Both Brian and Cullen are from the St. Louis area (apparently not having been invited), and B. Clay scheduled to attend this year.

Brian Hurtt worked up this GREAT sketch of The Sixth Gun main characters Drake and Becky. I think it's time to start framing some of my sketches.

While at Elite I picked up some back issues of Scalped, another book I was late in the game on picking up and now have been trying to collect the entire run thus far. I took advantage of the FCBD sale and picked up a handful of issues bringing me to issue #21. I'm getting there.

And since this IS Free Comic Book Day... I did pick up a couple of free comics. For myself I picked up Super Dinosaur and Spontaneous. I looked for Loose Ends by Jason Latour but the only location to have any were out by the time I got there. I picked up the Kung Fu Panda, Darkwing Duck and Young Justice/Batman issues for my younger cousins. I'm trying to turn them into comic readers... just doing my part.

All in all, not a bad day at all.

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Proof: Endangered #5

May 5, 2011

What a great series. I love this book.

Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo made something special with this series. And I hate to talk about it like it's over. But as Alex mentions in the back letter pages, it seems the series will go on a bit of a hiatus, but not before teasing a few "to be continued..." moments in the story.

I don't know what the monthly numbers are on this book, but I know it's fans are out there and very passionate about Proof. Myself included.

I think this latest five-issue installment made for a nice story, a rather quickly paced story with just about the entire cast of Proof, making a nice ending point... if only for the moment. Again, with promise of more Proof to come.

In the letter column Lee Horton asked about a previous option Sony had for an animated Proof project. Alex mentions Sony had let it lapse "but there are other plans afoot."

Now we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best. Much like the effort with Sony. But if it gets more people to recognize a new property and get more people turned to the world of comics the better. Plus an extra paycheck in the pockets of Alex and Riley wouldn't hurt'em either.

I came across my own little surprise while reading the letter column... an e-mail I had sent Alex after reading issue #4. That was a exciting discovery!

Finally to the back page. A pin-up by Scott Kowalchuk. Nice.

I know the guys have more projects lined up besides Proof. Riley Rossmo currently has Green Wake. Alex Grecian just wrapped up a novel, and I hope to see him during a signing for Free Comic Book Day to maybe see what's next comic book wise.

Here's to the best for both of them, and to the next chapter of Proof. Thanks guys!

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Thanks Riley Rossmo!

May 4, 2011

I applaud you sir. For going above and beyond!

Thank you!

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Appearance #23! Green Wake #2 by Riley Rossmo!

Out this week is my twenty-third comic book appearance, my third drawn by Mr. Riley Rossmo. To me that is amazing!

I was happy to appear once more in the awesomeness that is Proof: Endangered earlier this year but to follow up a few months later in Riley's Green Wake #2. A book that has been receiving much praise. It's been fortunate to be grouped in with a wave of sold out "hot" Image books.

As for the panel itself? It's my first appearance in a S&M club. I just like the expression on my face.

Riley has been a big supporter for the campaign. So much so that word of mouth has him responsible for my next appearance by Scott Kowalchuk!

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Sweets wins Spinetingler Award!

May 3, 2011

Big congrats to Kody Chamberlain for winning this award for Sweets! You certainly put in a lot of work on it!

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