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Thanks Jerry Gaylord!

April 4, 2012

Thank you Jerry Gaylord for drawing me into a comic about fanboys! I'm running out of goals for this thing!

And WOW, thankfully issue #1 was only a dollar. I've picked up seven different variants of this issue. Missing only the Arthur Suydam "Zombie King" cover and Phil Noto's ECCC exclusive. I will however be picking up the issue for an eighth time as it's already going back to press!


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Another Round of #1's!

Saucer Country #1 variant and No Place Like Home #1 second printing!

I had missed out on these the first time around, but my local comic shop guy came through for me today. I've got to have them all! If the price is right.

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Appearance #34! Fanboys vs. Zombies by Jerry Gaylord!

It's been six years since I've been to the San Diego Comicon. Today however I am there once again, thanks to Jerry Gaylord drawn in the pages of Fanboys vs. Zombies #1!

I think Fanboys vs. Zombies was announced about a year ago, but without an artist attached. Just by name alone I knew I had to try to sneak my way into this book. So as soon as Jerry was attached to this title I sent him an e-mail.Thankfully he was more than willing to help and drew me in.

I love how cool and collected I am as a fanboy bystander.

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