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SDCC News... Jamal Igle Receives Inkpot Award!

July 31, 2011

Jamal Igle = Super nice guy.

He's also one heck of an artist too! And was recently a special guest at this years International Comic-con in San Diego where he was awarded an Inkpot Award!

Congratulations Jamal!


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WOW.. what a week of comics!

July 28, 2011

It was a big week in comics this week. There are a few titles I wanted to spotlight, either due to their involvement of Draw Me In, local guys I'm giving a shout out too, or just plain books and creators I'm digging at the moment! And in no particular order....

It's here! The Cape #1! Drawn by Zack Howard... I was late checking out the one shot issue that came out a while ago.. but when I did I loved this book. Quite the concept, and of course I have an eye out for artists. I hope to add Zack as a DMI artist sometime in the future. Check out this book, I can't wait to see how this mini-series ends.

The Sixth Gun is one of my favorite monthly reads. I can't praise Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt on this book enough. It's almost painful to have to wait a month for each installment. Recent SDCC news announced The Sixth Gun as a limited series on SyFy network. I'm causiously excited, and hope they do it right!

Also by Bunn this week was Fear Itself: The Deep #2, drawn by DMI artist Lee Garbett! I'm not a long term Marvel fan but with the creators involved I was excited to see this version of the Defenders come together for Fear Itself. Too bad they don't follow for the forth-coming on-going. Also to mention Lee did the cover for Wonder Woman #613!

New Invincible with Ryan Ottley on pencils... always a win. The latest issue of X-Men Schism written by Jason Aaron is out.

So much to read!


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Retailer Variant Cover - Amazing Spider-man #666

July 27, 2011

I'm on a cover! To a real comic book this time too! Only one reason I don't include it as my next appearance.

Cause it's a tiny photo, not really drawn by an artist.

But it's still something cool to talk about here at DMI!

Jeff Garrett, the owner of my local (still out of town though) comic book store Limited Figures took part in Marvel Comics recent retailer incentive cover promotion for Amazing Spider-man #666. Knowing my little presence here in fandom, Jeff offered to include me in his store photo submission.

So along with our friend Brian and Jeff's three children, I represent the tiny figure on the far left... reading the Death of Ultimate Spider-man issue.

Thanks to Jeff for allowing me to pop up in his cover!

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Appearance! By Diego Guaglianone!

July 10, 2011

Two months ago when I was interviewed for the newspaper Folha, I received a few e-mails of interest from the article. One was from Diego Guaglianone, a 15 year old Brazilian cartoonist who runs a webcomic.

Diego was gracious enough to add me to a recent strip as seen below!

Thanks for the appearance Diego!

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2011 Harvey Award Nominations Announced - Sixth Gun Edition!

July 4, 2011

(Brian Hurtt & Cullen Bunn taken at Planet Comicon Kansas City 2011)

The nominations for the 2011 Harvey Awards were just recently announced, and I wanted to spotlight the noms for Cullen Bunn (Best Writer) & Brian Hurtt (Best Artist) who both work on The Sixth Gun (Best New Series), through Oni Press.

This is easly one of my favorite titles coming out. Congrats guys, hope you win!

Feel free to check the complete listing of nominees via Newsarama.

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