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NRC article!

March 26, 2012

After my article in Wired I was approached by freelance writer Peter Teffer for an article in NRC in the Netherlands. Well that article came out today. Here it is.

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Planet Comicon 2012!

I can't afford to travel to cons, it's a fact. So I'm glad I have this awesome convention right here in my own backyard. So if you were in the Kansas City area and love comics, chances are you were like me and thousands of others who made a trip to Overland Park for Planet Comicon!

I only went to one day of the show. I saw a bunch of familiar faces and some new ones too. I always have a great time chatting with the creators and got lots of signatures. Handed out a bunch of fliers and got a few pictures too! Hit the jump for a quick rundown of the day:

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Appearance! The Pitch by Greg Smallwood!

March 22, 2012


UPDATE: To coincide with this weekends Planet Comicon, I did a Q&A about Draw Me In with Nick Spacek on The Pitch's Wayward Blog!

While exchanging e-mails with artist Greg Smallwood, he surprised me last week by mentioning he was drawing a cover for The Pitch. And that I was going to be on it!

The Pitch is a free local (Kansas City) weekly entertainment newspaper. So this was cool. I was excited for my friend Greg for getting the job, and then pleasantly surprised to hear he was drawing me in the cover!

Thanks Greg for being you man. I spent the better part of an evening going around to various locations around town, swiping copies to give out to friends and family. Of course I'll have to probably frame one too... eventually.

In a totally related note: Kansas City's biggest comic book convention is in two days. Looking forward to Planet Comicon in a big way!

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Thanks Ryan Kelly!

A week later I finally have my copies of Saucer Country #1. I didn't get a copy of the variant, but that's an easy fix for a later day.

Many thanks to Ryan Kelly for helping me out on my campaign. Such a great book, I'm looking forward to seeing this story unfold.

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Contact! Justin Cermak!

March 20, 2012

I recieved an e-mail the other day from Justin "Spanky" Cermak who is the writer/artist on an indie comic from Data Red Comics called Space Sheriff and Happy Space Boy.

Justin had found the article on DMI on wired.com and "gleefully decided to include [me] in one of the crowd scenes."

Here is the scene Justin sent me. The page is from issue #11 which should be out later next month.

For those interested in learning more about Justin and Space Sheriff, he has a website at www.spacesherif.com.

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Thanks Nick Bradshaw!

March 15, 2012

I'm always bitching about the lack of Marvel titles being represented on my list. Well this appearance really puts a smile on my face. Thanks Nick for a great panel!

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Thanks Yanick Paquette!

A little late on posting but, big thanks to Yanick Paquette for having me killed by Swamp Thing.

It was cool.


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Appearance #33! Wolverine & the X-men #7 by Nick Bradshaw!

Where I live there is a great local community of comic book people. I tend to follow their works and support them where I can. So there's this guy, a real up and comer, and I think he might make a name for him self. His name is Jason Aaron.

Ok, so I'm a self professed fan of Aaron's work. Can you blame me for wanting to make a little cameo in one of his books? And you know what? It's both an X-men and a Wolverine book. Bam!

Even before the first issue came out, I was scouting Wolverine & the X-men. I have not been successful in the past in contacting Chris Bachalo (who drew the first arc), so with the announcement that Nick Bradshaw would helm the penciling duties for the second arc, I quickly looked Nick up.

Turns out Nick has done a handful of books but has a claim to fame with Ash on Army of Darkness titles from Dynamite. I've thoroughly enjoyed Nick's art during this story arc and welcome him back after Bachalo makes his brief return. Thanks Nick for allowing me to cross this Jason Aaron thing from my DMI wish list!

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Appearance #32! Saucer Country #1 by Ryan Kelly!

I first heard about Saucer Country when it was announced last October at the New York Comic Con. I've missed out on quite a few Vertigo titles by not giving them a chance. Then I discovered Scalped. The pitch for Saucer Country grabbed me, so I wasn't going to pass this by.

So of course I had to contact the series artist Ryan Kelly. His name sounded familiar, come to find out I've liked his artwork previously posted online. Previous books include The New York Four (and Five), DMZ, and Unwritten.

Thankfully Ryan was willing to help this fanboy out. I love this page! Think I just found my replacement title for Scalped which ends in June. I hope Ryan and series writer Paul Cornell much sucess for this new title!

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My "X-Files" Day...

March 14, 2012

Busy day. Two (count'em TWO) appearances out today. Saucer Country #1 by Ryan Kelly and Wolverine & the X-men #7 by Nick Bradshaw.

Unfortunately due to a Diamond ordering error my LCS didn't get its copies of Saucer Country with this weeks order. It was shipped to the store for today but not until well after I had left. So I won't have my copies in hand until next week.

Tomorrow I'll be able to update the site for appearances #32 & #33!
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Appearance #31! Swamp Thing #7 by Yanick Paquette!

March 7, 2012

About a year ago I met Yanick Paquette at Planet Comicon in Kansas City. At the time Yanick had been working on Batman Inc., and the DC New 52 had yet to be announced.

I will admit... until the DC relanch I have never read an issue of Swamp Thing. But starting with a new issue #1, and with Snyder and Paquette at the helm I decided to give it a shot. To my surprise Swamp Thing has become one of my favorite titles to come out of the "reboot".

To think that for a book that a year ago, I would have probably said I wouldn't be reading... it was well worth the wait. And wow! I'm in Swamp Thing drawn by Yanick Paquette! And in a few pages as well!

Hit the jump for a few of the pages.

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This Just In...

March 2, 2012

So I've been having a great Friday afternoon thus far. Received two e-mails. The first was from this guy:

Who's that? Oh that's Yanick Paquette, artist on DC Comics Swamp Thing! He just wanted to give me a heads up that I'm in issue #7 coming out next week. You can check the preview on Newsarama!

Oh yeah, I'm a sexy beast.

The second was an inquiry for an interview for a local paper. Mostly due to my article in Wired. I'm pretty excited about this. If you think about it it's kinda been a weird way of going from a foreign newspaper, to a national magazine, to a local paper. But I'd be glad to get the local press.

*Update* More great news! But I'm afraid I can only tease at this one. Suffice to say that this appearance will be written in, specifically because of my campaign... which is cool. From an artist/writer full of "infinite" possibilities.

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Comic Stuff

Just a few quick mentions...

  • The Wired Magazine article is up online and can be found on their site here.

  • No Place Like Home #1 has sold out from Image Comics. Congratulations to Angelo and Richard. A second printing will be released with a new cover the same day issue #2 hits shelves on March 21.

  • Only five more days left to contribute to 86'd: A Horror Anthology. Please check their site and help with their funding drive on IndyGoGo.

  • Recently out this week Green Wake #10 was the last issue of the series. I've been lucky enough to have been in two books written by Kurtis Wiebe (Peter Panzerfaust) and three books drawn by Riley Rossmo (Rebel Blood). Both have various projects happening now but will be teaming back up later in July this year for Debris, also from Image Comics. Thanks boys for an.. uh, interesting read in Green Wake, and much success to your future projects.

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