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Planet Comicon 2012!

March 26, 2012

I can't afford to travel to cons, it's a fact. So I'm glad I have this awesome convention right here in my own backyard. So if you were in the Kansas City area and love comics, chances are you were like me and thousands of others who made a trip to Overland Park for Planet Comicon!

I only went to one day of the show. I saw a bunch of familiar faces and some new ones too. I always have a great time chatting with the creators and got lots of signatures. Handed out a bunch of fliers and got a few pictures too! Hit the jump for a quick rundown of the day:

Phil Hester people!

Going around to the tables trying to find out where everybody was sitting, I quickly found Ande Parks and Phil Hester. A fixture at Planet Comicon, hitting these two guys up first almost seemed right. I got a few signatures and gave Phil his yearly flier. I know he writes a lot now, but I'm keeping an eye out on his next penciling gig.

The Astonishing Blair Butler!

Next up we have Blair Butler, writer of Heart. Yeah, and she's known for that G4 show too I guess. I do watch her Fresh Ink reviews online though. I really enjoyed her and Kevin Mellon's four issue run on Heart. Plus she was great to talk to. She personalized each cover with something fun and thoroughly seemed to enjoy talking to us fans. She truly loves what she does, and you can tell.

Hit up some of the local guys. Of course I've mentioned Kevin Mellon, nice guy. Swung by and said hey to Alex Grecian, writer of Proof. Got a few signatures from artists Nathan Fox and Steven Sanders.

Had a wonderful conversation with Screamland artists Buster Moody and Hector Casanova. Thanks for the chat guys!

When there's trouble you call C.W.

Ran into this guy, C.W. Cooke! He keeps talking about all these wonderful projects he has coming out down the line... but I totally forgot to ask him about them! He did mention he was putting me his next graphic novel! C.W.'s a nice guy and has been a real supporter of what I do here, so I wish him the best and look forward to see where this guy goes.

Here's another nice guy (don't I saw that about everybody?). But seriously, Jai Nitz is a great addition to this comic scene here. He's very supportive to everybody, it's great. In addition to being a comic book writer, he also teaches the subject (along with script writing I believe) at Kansas University. So is it Professor Nitz?

Jai Nitz (left) and Greg Smallwood (right)

Along with Jai I ran into Greg Smallwood, the amazing artist who drew me on the cover of the Pitch. I've been a supporter of him for YEARS and it's awesome to hear all these wonderful things coming down the line from him.

I love The Sixth Gun from Oni Press. So I was so glad to get to see Brian Hurtt and Cullen Bunn again this year. But it almost didn't happen. The guys drive across state from St. Louis to get here, and over half way through their vehicle broke down. I hope this doesn't discourage any future trips to KC. So many thanks for making it here, sorry the trip was memorable and not in a good way.

Phil Noto!

Phil Noto makes a repeat appearance at Planet Comicon. He was nice to chat to. Don't have any stories to walk away with, just that he was happy to have actual sunlight come in at a convention. I was excited to see Mike Norton at the convention. I really like the Marvel series Gravity he and Sean McKeever did, so I got those signed.

Mr. Battlepug himself, Mike Norton.

Next to each other on the back wall were Jeremy Haun and Freddie Williams II. Jeremy recently won the Top Cow Pilot Season contest with his and Jason Hurley's The Beauty. I very much enjoyed the issue and voted many times to support the cause. Jeremy says that title should start sometime late fall of this year. Aside from signing that issue, I had him sign the issues he drew of The Leading Man, a series written by B. Clay Moore (whom I didn't see at the show).

I had to wait for Freddie to return from a panel, but in the meantime my wife and I struck up a conversation with his wife Kiki. She likes to cook and is constantly posting these cooking feats on Facebook. While talking to her about one of her deserts, she gave us a Mocha caramel sea salt cupcake to share. Thanks for bringing sweets to the show, it hit the spot!

Here's..... Freddie!

When Freddie did arrive back at his table I managed to get his latest sketchbook (gotta collect them all). I didn't flip through it until I got home, but damn! This was a color sketchbook, and there were some nice bits of artwork in it! Got his run so far of Captain Atom signed. I like the character and the book, hope he has a long run on the title.

Now here's a trooper, Jason Aaron. Last year at the show I decided to give his highly praised Vertigo title Scalped a shot by picking up the first trades issues worth. I REALLY enjoyed it and for the past year I've been trying to pick up the entire run. I read the trades, but I'm a single issues kinda guy.

I usually don't like to bring stack loads of comics for creators to sign, but I made an exception in this case. And he was nice enough to do it. He signed Scapled issues #13-#56 for me... that in addition to the Wolverine and X-men books I brought too! I told him "not to hate me" and he said he'd "sign whatever I brought him". Thanks alot Jason!

Wrapping up I stopped by the 86'd table to meet Bill Hook. Stopped by Dan Parent's table, picked up a comic and handed him a flier. I think it'd be really cool to be in one of the "Archie" books.

Briefly got signatures from Joe Kelly, and got a few choice items signed by Tim Sale. Whew. That was a lot in such a short time. Overall this had to be the busiest, most crowd packed Planet Comicon yet. I very much look forward to next year.

Next to look forward to will be the Avengers vs. X-men release party at Elite Comics, followed by Free Comic Book Day and Free State Comicon in the fall.



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