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Thanks Again Riley Rossmo!

January 26, 2011

Gotta work on that smile. Ugh.

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Appearance #21! Proof: Endangered #2 by Riley Rossmo! AGAIN!

The man so kind, he did it again.

Thanks to Mr. Rossmo I now have a double dip appearance within the wonderful world of Proof! And what an awesome issue it was. He and Alex have created a great world of monsters and creatures.

Many thanks go out to Riley for going out of his way and for going the extra mile for this once little campaign. Too cool dude.

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Thanks Kody Chamberlain!

January 19, 2011

Finally got my hands on this issue. The best issue of the series thus far!

Thanks again Kody for the opportunity to pop up in your book. Keep up the good work!

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Contact! J.K. Woodward!

January 9, 2011

And things don't seem to be slowing down at all...

Recieved an e-mail from artist J.K. Woodward (IDW's Fallen Angel) almost imediately after the BleedingCool.com article hit. He had offered to draw me into the current mini-series of Fallen Angel. This is exciting news and a first for the site as J.K. is the first artist to contact me directly that I have not actually reached out to first!

Word of mouth to all you artists out there. Tell your industry friends about me!

I was a big fan of Fallen Angel (written by Peter David) when it was published by DC Comics. When it moved to IDW, at the time I think the increase in price (back when the big two had not even touched $3.99 yet!) ultimately made me decide to drop the title. So I'm going to have to play catch up to see what's been going on in Bete Noire.

I checked out J.K. Woodward's blog to find out more about him. I thought this was cool so I wanted to post it here too. A fan had dressed up as the Fallen Angel herself, and both he and Peter David thought it was awesome enough to include in a future issue.

Well... she's going to be on the cover for Fallen Angel: Return of the Son #3. How's that for fan service! Oh... and it just so happens to be the cover of the issue he said I'd be in. Awesome!

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Contact! Christian Ward!

While I'm going through my inbox I totally missed blogging my recent contact last month with artist Christian Ward (Image Comic's Infinite Vacation).

He said he was up for sneaking me into one of his issues, however he may or may not be able to get me into his current project Infinite Vacation. He did mention possibly his next project, being something along the lines of a "Superhero" project.

Anyway since I was slacking there, I guess it only appropriate that I now plug his book Infinite Vacation #1 which hits shelves this Wednesday. I've read nothing but good reviews on this. Click here for a preview from my good friends at BleedingCool.com!

No. They're not paying me. I swear.

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The Secret's Out!

January 7, 2011

Today my little campaign has gone public. Thanks to a little publicity from recent DMI artist Kody Chamberlain (Sweets) I got picked up by one of my daily stops for any and all things comic book related BleedingCool.com.

Feel free to check it out, here's the link. It'll link you right back here, bringing you full circle. Go ahead, I'll wait.

And if you're an artist or writer and think that my "comic quest" is cool and you'd like to be a part of it, feel free to drop me a line. It's drawmein@gmail.com.

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Appearance #20! Sweets #4 by Kody Chamberlain

January 6, 2011

Yes! I'm in it! Do I have the book though... um... no.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I'll have to wait to get my grubby* hands on a few copies. But anyway, due to the wonders of the Internet (and Kody Chamberlain himself) I do have a scan of the page to preview!

I love it. Great likeness, and I love his style too! Great book and I recommend it!

*I was kidding... As most comic book collector's will tell you it's preferred to have clean hands when touching comics. Not grubby.

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Thanks Pier Gallo!

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Appearance #19! Superboy #3 by Pier Gallo!

Well heck. I'm in two comics this week. That's CRAZY!

I love it though. So to be fair, even though I just found out about Superboy #3 from Pier Gallo about a week out before it hit, I'm going to list it first as per the Diamond solicits have it.

Here it is, or I am I should say... I'm a High Schooler again! Unconscious, lying on the floor. But if you tilt your head slightly, I must say it's a very nice likeness.

Great start 2011!

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