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Contact! Christian Ward!

January 9, 2011

While I'm going through my inbox I totally missed blogging my recent contact last month with artist Christian Ward (Image Comic's Infinite Vacation).

He said he was up for sneaking me into one of his issues, however he may or may not be able to get me into his current project Infinite Vacation. He did mention possibly his next project, being something along the lines of a "Superhero" project.

Anyway since I was slacking there, I guess it only appropriate that I now plug his book Infinite Vacation #1 which hits shelves this Wednesday. I've read nothing but good reviews on this. Click here for a preview from my good friends at BleedingCool.com!

No. They're not paying me. I swear.

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 4:00 PM


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