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DMI: Rebirth

January 27, 2017

I'm still here. But I did think about closing up shop.

Ten years and sixty comic book cameos is quite the run. So why continue? As a self proclaimed comic book fan boy this campaign has been my fifteen minute claim to fame. And until things change where I start finishing projects, I'm going for an extra ten more minutes.

I read a LOT of books. I pick up stacks of comics every trip to the comic book store. So my love of collecting and reading is still very much there. And nothing puts a smile on my face like sneaking an appearance in one of my favorite books by an awesome, talented artist. The comic book community is a great one, and I'm going to hold on to my little corner for just a little while longer. Bring it!
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Ten Years Later...

July 23, 2016

Welcome to another self congratulating post!

It's San Diego Comic Con time, which also means it's anniversary time for Draw Me In. This year is a big one though. The big One - Oh! Yes folks, I've been doing DMI for a decade now. Wow.

In that span of time I've made it into sixty different books! That's an average one every two months! Not bad if you ask me. Still, I've got a ways to go before I hit appearance one-hundred! But then again it's never been about quantity. In my quest I have always perused either a specific artist whose work I like or a book that I enjoy reading. And in those ten years I've been incredibly lucky and am very grateful for every book on this growing list of appearances! Thank you to all the creators and to anybody who happens to visit my site (this means you).

And let's not forget this little video from a few years ago...

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Thanks Steven Sanders!

July 15, 2016

Thanks dude!

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Appearance #60! Throwaways #1 by Steven Sanders!

July 7, 2016

In the Kansas City metro area we have a large wonderful comic community. As I have campaigned to be drawn into funny books, it has always been a goal and a pleasure to get as many of our local talent I could get on board. I see these artists and writers at all the local conventions and store signings. I enjoy talking with them. You couldn't ask for a nicer group.

With that being said, patience pays off kids! I finally got him! Mr. Steven Sanders everybody!

Steven's latest series Throwaways was announced by Image last year (Image Expo I think?) and to my surprise Steven tells me I'm "gonna be in it" and was "going to get shot!" I must have that kind of face. Ha.

Behold! My cameo from Throwaways #1!

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Planet Comicon 2016!

May 29, 2016

Last week Kansas City hosted Planet Comicon, my primary local comic book convention. Every year it grows in size; in attendance, show room floor, guests... everything. This year was no exception, and it was a pretty big deal.

With my wife and comic partner in crime.

For starters, usually there are a lot of celebrity media guests. In the past I've voiced my concern that the media guests could take away from the comic part of comicon. That and I just don't have the cash to drop for photos and an autograph. Luckily I had some help on that front, and got to meet a few of them. First of which would be my meeting of George Takei... in my hotel lobby. Nothing quite like sharing a turbo lift with Mr. Sulu.

My lucky run in with a Starfleet officer.

From there I saw Jason Mewes and Ming Chen, both of various Viewaskew productions. Both were super nice. I even got to talk up DMI to Ming, which was pretty cool.

But the headliner of the show was the face of Marvel comics himself, Stan Lee. And oh yes, I was able to get a photo and a comic signed by the man.

My picture of a picture of Stan Lee.

This guy is seriously funny.

Kansas City is lucky to have a great group of local talent. Most of them know me (if not by name) and I see them around at various events. So it's the people from out of town I look forward to meeting for the first time. More often than not I take the opportunity to spread the gospel of DMI. Didn't really do that this go round, but I did get a chance to thank Amanda Conner in person for her contribution. I was very happy to do this, shake her hand and get an updated photo with her. She is an awesome individual.

Amanda Conner folks.

And finally, what about comics? In past years I had not hit up many venders. Usually I keep an eye out for $1 comic boxes, and haven't found many. This year however, there were deals everywhere. Like 2, 3 and 4 for a $1. Unheard of. And I picked up some high dollar books. I'm usually trigger shy when it comes to spending for big books, but not this year.

It was a good show this year.

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Appearance #59! Back to the Future #8 by Marcelo Ferreira!

I'm BACK! Back to the Future!

Big thanks to Marcelo Ferreira once again. It's awesome to get speaking lines, but it's even cooler to have a cameo carry over into a second issue.

Love it!

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Free Comic Book Day 2016!

May 7, 2016

Although every Wednesday is a holiday for comics, for retailers (and its customers) Free Comic Book Day is the true comic book holiday.

Not only are free comics given out (mostly either promotional or reprint issues from the publishers) but great deals are usually the order of the day. In recent years I've mixed it up with my local stores. This year I went to my local comic book store at Limited Figures & Comics. I picked up two weeks worth of comics and grabbed my free comics. The store also had tables of back issues on sale, 3 for a $1! Jackpot. I picked up quite a few books, and to top it off I picked up the second series of Diamond Select Ghostbuster figures.



I had credit purposely saved for use at Vintage Stock. There I took advantage of the buy one get one half off sale for FCBD.
It was a good day for back issues. In addition, I had also received some great comics in the mail just a week or so prior.


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Thanks Marcelo Ferreira!

April 21, 2016

Many thanks to Marcelo for the cameo in Back to the Future!

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Comic Trips! Roadtrip Edition!

April 20, 2016

Awesome comic evening. Got to meet Paul and Kat (of Comic Trips fame) as their epic road trip brought them from New Jersey to our backyard of Kansas City.

My wife Rachael and I met up with them as they made stops at Clint's Comics and Elite Comics. It was a bit surreal to meet Paul and Kat after having watched hours of YouTube videos of their adventures. They were super nice, just regular people with a love of comics like we do. They have fun doing what they do and we always look forward to the next episode.

Thank you Paul and Kat. Have a great and safe trip home (so we can watch season 5!!!). Best!

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Appearance #58! Back to the Future #7 by Marcelo Ferreira!

"They found me. I don't know how but they found me." - E. Brown

So how about that? Seven months since my last appearance and today I show up in Back to the Future! How awesome is that? (Answer: Very).

I post this before having the actual book in hand. Thankfully series artist Marcelo Ferreira sent me a preview picture. This scene happens in the past (80's) which as he explains is why I have a mullet.

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April 14, 2016

Great last couple of weeks for new comics!

Today was an important day especially to an old friend of mine, artist Greg Smallwood. His latest run on a brand new #1 issue of Moon Knight began today from Marvel Comics. Greg had a signing today at Boom! Comics in Lawrence Kansas and I went out to support him and pick up his comic.

Also behind the signing table was his frequent comic collaborator Jai Nitz who had a comic drop last week with Hellina #1 from Boundless. I picked up both plus a few others, including a key Daredevil I've been after.

Moon Knight #1, Hellina #1, Deadpool #7 (25th Anniversary issue), Gwenpool #1 and Daredevil #200!

While in town I stopped by Astrokitty Comics. There I discovered a great selection of back issues for great prices. I was fighting time, I barely even made a dent in them. I will have to come back to Lawrence soon with some more money and visit both stores again.

Holy Crap! Justice League #1! Captain America #250! Uncanny X-Men #213!
Green Lantern #49! Daredevil: Man Without Fear #5 and X-Men #26.
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This Could Get Expensive

February 23, 2016

Is there a twelve step program for comic book collecting? I might have a problem.

Yesterday I had a day off, so my wife and I went on another "Comic Trip". I believe I was in Lee Summit, Missouri the whole time. I'll give you the short, short version of the stops we made with the run down of the loot pictured below. Almost all of the comics were a $1 each, maybe six of them were $2.

First stop was at a flea market. Only about two booths there had a collection of comics for sale. There I picked up a few Captain America and X-men issues.

Stopped at a nearby Toys R Us where Rachael found these Sixteen Candles Pop! figures on clearance. Bonus. Just missing Samantha for the whole set.

Went to a place called Cargo Largo, maybe you've heard of it? I've never been into one. Picked up these X-men Pops! on clearance, like... super cheap! I purposely didn't pick up Mystique cause, I just don't care for her.

Used the ol' Comic Book Locator website to find Pulp Fiction Comics. Not a bad store, a lot of good back issue comics and the bins were amazing. Custom made pull out drawers (I should have taken a picture). There was a gathering there because, gaming. Ended up not buying anything, but I can see me going back sometime again.

Last stop... another Vintage Stock location. That's were I picked up a few Fantastic Four issues. Just a few. Not a bad haul. Too bad I've discovered the "internet" and "online ordering".

Yep. I'm in trouble.
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Comic Trips!

February 20, 2016

About a month ago I began marathoning a YouTube show called Comic Trips! I've shared this web series with my wife and as of tonight we've watched just about every video of the dynamic duo Paul and Kat, as they go on the "hunt for comic books, toys, and pop culture artifacts from the past."

This posts' inspiration! Kat (left) and Paul (Right).

I don't have a local comic book store in my town. Usually I wait two to three weeks at a time to make the trip to my nearest store (a mere 27 miles across state lines away). In the spirit of the show (and an effort to create some new content for this site... yeah, sorry about that), I decided to document a few recent comic trips of my own and record the loot from each stop.

So I didn't make all these trips in a single day, or in the same week. But after one day of picking up my weekly stash at Limited Figures, I decided to keep going by visiting a nearby Vintage Stock, a store (with several Midwest locations) that deals in buying and selling used and new video games, movies, music and... comics! They have several back issue bins and to be fair I didn't spend a lot of time going through them, but I did find a few gems (see below).

X-Men #2 & #6, TMNT #48 (variant), Doctor Strange: The Oath #1 and Fantastic Four #220

But that wasn't really a trip, more like a side stop off a regular visit. So on a day off work my wife Rachael and I decided to drive to the college town of Lawrence, Kansas, to check out a few stores.

The first stop was at Astrokitty Comics, a store I have been to many times before, but this time the first in their new location. The space is twice as big as the previous store, which gave it some much needed browsing room. The comic store was on the second floor above a video game store. The owner Joel mentioned utilizing the basement level for use in gaming such as Warhammer and Magic. I checked around for a few comics but ended up with a few Pop! figures, for which he had quite a large selection.

My view from the street outside of Astrokitty.
Pan and scan from their Facebook page.

My loot from Astrokitty. Cousin Eddie Pop! finishing my Christmas Vacation collection.
Plus two Holy Grail Pops! starting that series.

Next up was a recently opened store I had wanted to check out called Boom! Comics. I had seen pictures of it on social media and really dug what I saw. It is a beautiful looking store, still kinda growing into itself. They had a friendly staff, a great selection of indie and variant books, and a whole room dedicated to Star Wars toys. Not a big haul though as I only walked away with a Looney Toons variant of Aquaman and my wife picked up an expansion pack to Cards Against Humanity.

Walking in the door of Boom! Comics.

Just the independent comics section. Kind of a mess, but all bagged and boarded.
I love the shelves, they are unique, opposed to the usual slat board walls seen in most stores.

Darth Maul... the guardian of the Star Wars room.
The checkout counter, to which I actually didn't know where to stand at to check out.
Variant covers to recent issues surround on the shelves below.

I couldn't pass this up.

Last stop for the night was at Hastings, a store similar to Vintage Stock but way bigger in scale. Although they have lots of stuff (and I did have my eye on a few Diamond Select figures) we just didn't find anything we couldn't live without, calling it an evening for Lawrence.

I love this new comics rack at Hastings.

Oh, there's more.

A week later, Rachael and I took another road trip, this time to a different Vintage Stock in Liberty, Missouri. With a quick walk around the store, Rachael found a NECA Ripley figure I've been wanting/searching for a while. I can't believe I got it in a store, I thought for sure I'd have to buy it online or at a convention for a high price. So right off, the stop was worth it. But then we hit the back issue bins and picked up a lot of $1 and $2 comics.

A quick stop at Target found this Trinity Pop! completing my Matrix collection.

YESSSSS! A lucky find!

We did this for a while. Lots of boxes.

Odd ball comics including Indiana Jones Temple of Doom issues #2 and #3. New Kids on the Block #1,
Toxic Avenger #1 and Masters of the Universe #1

Man of Steel #2 and #4 completing the mini-series. Action Comics #588, Flash #2, Gen13 #21 and Spawn #9

X-Men #1 (2nd/3rd Printing?) and #'s 15, 16, 27, 29 and 31. Filling a few gaps.

Silver Surfer #25, Wolverine #33, Dr. Strange #50, The Mighty Thor #457, Daredevil #300 and DD: Man Without Fear #4

Rounding out our travels brought me back full circle to my regular comic store Limited Figures. There I found two surprises. First was a copy of Back to the Future #1 the owner Jeff had located for me. I had wanted the original cover drawn by DMI artist Dan Schoening, but it had been sold out at the distributor and was hard to find. And before leaving the store, Rachael noticed one of the new Diamond Select Ghostbuster figures. We ended up picking up the entire first wave, an awesome addition for my figure collection.

Back to the Future #1

First wave of new Ghostbuster figures. Woot!

So while I look forward to going to the local big conventions every year, I do enjoy checking out what the nearby stores have to offer. You never know what you're going to take home.
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