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End of the Year Post.

December 31, 2015

I haven't posted anything since September. That's no good people. No good at all.

I went through my Facebook posts from this year and wrote down notable moments and events I attended. It really wasn't a bad year. I had fun. Hung out with friends. Went to concerts. Comic book conventions, movies and a game of the World Series!

Looking back over this site however, it's where I know where I've been slacking. Sure, I made cameos in a few funny books this year; six awesome new comic appearances altogether. One as a returning character in a book... twice! The best part of going into the new year is knowing that I have a few up-coming appearances, which is comforting. But I've dropped the ball again, as I occasionally do... not only with this site, but of my dream of writing a comic or two. Or three.

Now I hope not to repeat the same mistake for 2016. But it's with these New Year's resolutions/Year End wrap ups, do we realize all the things we can improve upon, and things we've yet to accomplish.

Time to step it up. I need to stop wasting my time and produce!
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Appearance #57! Secret Identities #7 by Ilias Kyriazis!

September 16, 2015

A bitter sweet appearance. For months I have enjoyed Secret Identities, a Superhero team book from Image Comics, and reached out to series artist Ilias Kyriazis about possibly getting a cameo in the book. Well that happened with today's issue #7, however the issue is also the series finale.

Many thanks to Ilias for the appearance. I'm sad to see the book end, but am happy to add the title to the ever growing list.

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Kansas City Comic Con 2015

August 10, 2015

This weekend saw the inaugural show of the Kansas City Comic Con... and on Saturday I was in attendance.

It was a good day.

The Show...

Let's get this out of the way first. I live in and around the Kansas City Metro, and our big annual comic book/pop culture convention is Planet Comicon. Over the past decade I've watched it grow. Bigger, larger. More guests. More venders. New venue. And as a resident comic person, it's nice to see a local show that can grow to compete on a national level (although to be honest, on the news sites I usually visit, I don't really recall seeing any news coverage of Planet Comicon).

So what does KCCC bring to the table? A little bit of healthy competition I'd say. I wouldn't call this a clone of Planet Comicon, even though the similarities are there, sure, but I think the business model/structure of the convention is different from Planet's. And it would seem that guests and vendors would benefit from this model, to eventually include the attendees. KCCC really swung for the fences with this first show, bringing in some unique attractions, guests, and exclusives.

I would say overall the Kansas City Comic Con did a great job. Whatever problems KCCC might have had, they can use it to improve for next year, and I am already looking forward to that show!

The Guests...

A good run of guests for this first year. Most of the local crew were in attendance.  Walked right onto the con floor and found Ande Parks and CW Cooke right away. Shortly there after I was recognized by a gentlemen who was set up right next to Cooke, artist Joe Corroney. Joe was kind enough to give me a cameo as a member of Starfleet in an issue of Star Trek, and as a Trekkie... that's just beyond awesome. It's always nice to be able to thank an artist in person. Glad I was able to with Joe.

With Artist Joe Corroney.

Moving along I found Kevin Mellon and Dennis Hopeless chatting it up with Matt Fox. Matt had recently drawn me into Ufology from Boom! Made sure to stop by his table to thank him and pick up his latest graphic novel.

Adam Smith and Mtthew Fox, creators of Long Walk to Valhala
Meet artist Kevin Nolan. He was nice to chat to and handed me a folder of recent sketches to go through. Ran into a few Free State Con regulars including show runner Craig, along with creators Mario Mora, Bill Hook, and Mike Sullivan. Always good to chat with them.

Artist Kevin Nolan

Talked to a few guests from out of town; Mike McKone, Tom Raney, and Brett Weldele. Gave them each flyers (of course). Grabbed a few autographs from Jason Aaron and Jeremy Haun. Stopped by Leeanne Krecic's table. She mostly draws in a manga style, but I couldn't help notice her more recent western/american comic book work. Regretted not picking up something from her at Planet earlier this year. Did not repeat said mistake.

And finally ran into this guy pictured below. He draws stuff.

Artist Greg Smallwood working on a commission. BTW Thanks man. You know why.

The Loot!

No figures this time around, just prints and books... supporting the cause and all. I look forward to the day I can have all of these properly framed, and hung on the wall in a new "man cave". Almost all items are from local folks. Exception being the Star Trek print by Joe Corroney, the cover from the issue he graciously gave me a cameo in.

Also of note is the acquisition of my first Daredevil comics. Don't get me wrong, I've read a few of his classic stories thanks to a friend lending me trades. Hell, I've even read these issues in trade, but I'm a single issue guy, and so I figured to start with the Smith/Quesada/Palmiotti run.

Clockwise: "Iron Man" print by Mario Mora, Star Trek TNG: The Hive #3 print by Joe Corroney,
Southern Bastards #10 variant, The Beauty promotional items,
Long Walk to Valhala by Adam Smith and Mtthew Fox

Loots Hannigan & Furious Fists of Frankie written by CW Cooke,
Suicide Sisters issues #1-3 by Kevin Mellon

Clockwise: "Hearts of Darkness" print by Greg Smallwood, Daredevil Vol. 2 issues #1-4 

Clockwise: "Scooby-Doo and the Zombie Horde" print by Leeanne Krecic, Daredevil Vol. 2 issues #5-8


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Appearance #56! Hit: 1957 #4 by Vanesa R. Del Rey!

July 29, 2015

And with one panel Vanesa R. Del Rey broke the tie with Riley Rossmo to have drawn a character of my likeness in three separate comics!

With the cliffhanger of issue #3 of Hit: 1957 I thought for sure crime boss Domino was going to die. *SPOILER* he didn't, he just ended up in the back of a trunk. So, there's that I guess. Can't rule out the possibility of a third series. Man I'd get some mileage out of this cameo then.

Many thanks to Vanesa for the opportunity of taking a chance on my little campaign here, and using my likeness on a pretty pivotal character in both series. It's damned awesome actually. I look forward to seeing what projects she has lined up for the future and wish her much success. Perhaps I will be able to thank you in person at a convention someday.

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Appearance #55! UFOlogy #3 by Matt Fox!

June 24, 2015

Hey! Three BOOM! titles in a row! How about that?

So, Matt Fox. What to say? First off, for me he's a local guy. And I do like to support the local guys. So when I first saw him at my local conventions, I had handed him one of my flyers. BUT! Way back before he was working on UFOlogy, he was working on a book (that will be released this July from Arcadia, which is basically a BOOM imprint now) titled Long Walk to Valhalla, which looks great and I look forward to reading it.

Recently I went to a signing of UFOlogy #1 and congratulated Matt on his new book. He had remembered my campaign here and said he would pencil me into a future issue. Well, here we are. And a speaking role at that. Love those. Thanks Matt. Can't wait to see you at the next show man.

Check out the pages below!

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Sneak Peak!

June 16, 2015

Future appearance coming sometime in October.
From Image Comics.
But it's a secret.... identity.
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Appearance #54! Hit: 1957 #3 by Vanesa R. Del Rey!

I do not have a local comic book store. I've mentioned this before. So sometimes I go a few weeks at a time before going to my store. Well... stuff like this happens then.

HEY! I was in a comic last week! And a re-occurring speaking role at that, thanks to Russ Manning award nominee Vanesa R. Del Rey!

As soon as I heard Hit was coming back to Boom! Comics for a sequel, I had a good feeling my bad guy character from the end of the series would come back in the future. And while I don't actually have my physical copies in hand, I got a digital version just to check out the appearance in last week's issue of Hit: 1957 #3!

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Thinking Kansas City Comic Con...

June 5, 2015


Long before it was officially announced, I had heard the rumblings of a second major comic book convention coming to Bartle Hall in Kansas City (the same venue used for Planet Comicon). Sure enough sometime back in November 2014 (I think), the Kansas City Comic Con was announced.

Dream Thief promotional artwork with Bartle Hall in the background by artist Greg Smallwood.

Several creator mainstays of the Kansas City area became its first listed guests. Which is expected. I love that Kansas City (and surrounding areas) has a large comic book community, consisting of awesome talented individuals which I do enjoy chatting with. But what I found surprising was the attention that was being given to a bunch of the non "mainstream" creators. I am a huge supporter of the local guys and it's nice to see them get theirs for Kansas City Comic Con.

Now, I don't bother much with media folk, and I've probably been a fool a few times for passing up getting an autograph or a picture with celebrities in the past. I know most shows use the celebrities as a draw to get some of the less comic minded folk to buy tickets. After all, it is a thin line pop culture wise, I understand. Personally I just don't like the idea of dropping upwards of $40 for a signature and a quick photo. But I digress... the real thing I was looking forward were who they were going to be able to bring into Kansas City who might not have come to a show in the past. Well, they delivered.

DMI cameo from Star Trek: Hive #3, drawn by Joe Corroney.

Most notably for me is Joe Corroney, Star Trek and Star Wars artist, and DMI contributor! Joe was very gracious to give me a cameo in a recent Star Trek comic (I really, really love ST:TNG) and can't wait to thank him in person.

I look forward to checking out this inaugural show which looks very promising. I feel bad as Planet Comicon every year is like a mini-vacation for me. And so I spent a lot of money on a hotel and bought far too much this year, that I might not be able to commit to the full weekend at Kansas City Comic Con. The show is this August 7th through the 9th (Friday - Saturday), I hope to at least go Saturday to say hi to all my comic friends and meet some new faces.

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Thanks Dominike "DOMO" Stanton!

April 1, 2015

Thanks Dominike for the cool appearance! Loved being a "Hollywood" guy.

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Appearance #53! The Big Con Job #2 by Dominike "DOMO" Stanton

Boom! has been putting out a lot of good original stories as of late. And when they announced The Big Con Job (previously solicited as just Con Job), I totally looked up the artist and worked my DMI magic. Thankfully series artist Dominike "DOMO" Stanton was keen on the idea and graciously gave me a cameo between many panels on two pages, complete with speaking lines.

I love speaking lines.

Check it out below, pages from The Big Con Job #2!

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Appearance #52! Solitary #2 by Angel Tovar!

March 25, 2015

Earlier this month was my local con (see previous post). On the first day of this convention I found a nice surprise, an early copy of Solitary #2 written by CW Cooke! Upon flipping through the pages, I find myself on the last page in the jury box.
During the Kickstarter for his campaign one of the rewards was to be drawn in as a member of the jury. Thankfully he had a seat to fill, and thus breaking the streak of CW trying to kill my character for my cameos in his books. Unless... the jury bites it in later issues...
Big thanks to CW Cooke for the face time and Angel Tovar for the artistic duties.

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Planet Comicon 2015!

March 22, 2015

Another year, another Planet Comicon. The weather was great, the short walk from the hotel was nice, and I enjoyed the closer entrance to the convention hall instead of the long walk up a ramped corridor of previous years. And that's just logistics.

But moving on to the con.

The first day of the show was on Friday and I enjoy the Friday experience due to the smaller crowd and being able to get in and out with the tickets/wristbands quickly. Once through the gate I got a feel for the floor and how things were laid out, and then with less people crowding dealer tables I proceeded to do some shopping... for which I did quite a bit of this year.
It's nice to have friends at the show who are creators and have booths. All the local Kansas City creators know me, most by name at this point, and it's nice to just be able to chat with them so easily about anything and everyone. But I would feel more left out of the loop if it wasn't for my good friends Greg Smallwood and CW Cooke. If it wasn't for these two cats I'd just feel like wallflower, on the outside looking in. I'm happy to see them both gaining success in their work and projects.
I commissioned a sketch from Freddie Williams II of Wonder Woman to compliment a sketch of Superman I picked up from him years ago from Free State Con in Lawrence Kansas. I usually don't purchase original art from shows mainly due to the costs, but I couldn't pass up buying a Supergirl/Betty piece from Archie artist Dan Parent. As well as get my picture taken with him holding the issue of Archie he drew me into.

Speaking of DMI books, I got to meet Sam Humphries, writer of Fanboys Vs. Zombies which I managed a sweet cameo in issue #1. Humphries was a pleasure to meet and talk too, he even crafted a unique photo opportunity (see below).

Talked it up to a few other guests of interest, including writer/artist Jason Latour. I tried to warm him up to my campaign here... I really, really like Southern Bastards. Spoke to a few artists in artists alley which artwork really caught my eye. Leeeanne Krecic had some nice work in her portfolio and I've read from her tumblr that she's received some high praise from Marvel and Dark Horse editors at the show. Also off his recent issue of Bitch Planet is Robert Wilson IV. He told me of a possible project forthcoming as schedule permits (don't think it's been mentioned anywhere so it's a secret right now), but he was nice to talk to and so I gave him a flyer. I hope to add his name to the DMI list sometime in the future.

Couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Mandy (Playboy) artist Dean Yeagle. I was hoping to get a sketch from him (which I did inside the cover of his sketchbook pictured below) but I just didn't have the cash to spend. It was nice to chat with him and his wife though as we shared some San Diego Comic Con experiences.

Surprisingly I didn't pick up a lot of actual comic books, which is kind of sad. I looked and looked for some decent $1 and $2 bins and couldn't find any. Everybody was asking a lot for recent titles and that's not what I look for when I shop at the dealer booths. But I did pick up new books from my bud CW Cooke and a few sketchbooks to support the cause. I did have a good time overall and look forward to their show next year.


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Sneak Peek! The Big Con Job #2!

March 9, 2015

Something I've been holding back. In about a month I'll be making a triumphant return to San Diego Comicon via a DMI comic cameo in The Big Con Job #2 from Boom! courtesy of Dominike "DOMO" Stanton!

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DMI Year In Review! PLUS Planet Comicon 2014: The Lost Post!

January 1, 2015

Well, this hasn't really been a gang buster year for Draw Me In, only three appearances to add to the list... but hey, it is what it is.

The BIG DMI event of the year has to be the fact I hit the big 5-0 on appearances with April's Tomb Raider #3 drawn by Nicolas Daniel Selma.

I've neglected the campaign a bit in an effort to do some writing of my own, but as 2015 hits I am happy to say I've got at least three potential cameos lined up, two Marvel books and an Image title. Looking forward to those!

As a bonus to my Year In Review, here's an additional posting of my annual trip to Planet Comicon in Kansas City. I was not responsible enough to actually post it back in March when it happened, but I'll try to do better for this year as it's only a few months away! So here we go...

Read more »

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October 21, 2014

Holy crap, will you just look at that? That's about a month's worth of comics, probably a bit more. That's how far behind I am on my reading, and a good example of what I pick up once every thirty days or so.

It's been a while and I just wanted to admit I've dropped the ball on this campaign of mine. I haven't "reached out" in a while... but as I sit here blogging about it, now's as good a time as any to send out some e-mails and make some new DMI friends!

But before I do, I just want to say that so far 2014 has been a good year for comics. Lot's of creative talent are publishing some great reads, from the big two to all the indie books.

Best! - Jeff
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Appearance #51! Tom Corbett: Space Cadet #1 by Mauricio Hunt!

August 4, 2014

It may seem I'm all about the artists here at Draw Me In but that would be far from the truth. I chat it up with just as many writers as I do artists. And over the years while having befriended writer C.W. Cooke he made a proclamation to me, jokingly saying "I will kill you off in every book I write".


Well, here's the start of that. My first appearance in one of his books, Tom Corbett: Space Cadet #1... and I totally die in the end.

Thanks to C.W. Cooke for humoring my campaign and playing along. I look forward to the next tragic end of my next cameo in one of his books.

Grrr... Angry!!


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The Happenings...

June 27, 2014

Hello internet type person! It's been a while. I don't mean to ignore you, I apologize.

So yesterday saw the release of Dream Thief: Escape #1 by Jai Nitz and Greg Smallwood. Good friends who put out a nice read and good looking comic, a follow-up to last year's Dream Thief. I hope they manage to keep it going for as long as they have a story to tell.

Greg and Jai signing their latest issue at Astro Kitty comics in Lawrence, KS

Big news for Smallwood as he recently got a gig at Marvel on the forthcoming run of Moon Knight with Brian Wood. AND he and fellow DMI artist Vanesa R. Del Rey were both nominated for the Russ Manning Award where the winner will be announced a month from now at the San Diego Comic Con.

Nominees for this year's Russ Manning Award include TWO DMI artists!

Recently teased by writer Bryce Carlson, it seems an announcement will be made next month concerning the return of the series Hit, which I'm excited about. I have the suspicion my first time reoccurring character, has the possibility of returning. Which is nice.

Future cover to an issue of HIT? Could be?

Behind the scene stuff IS happening as I slowly make efforts to make my comic projects happen. Time is the enemy my friends, remember that. More as it happens. Best!

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