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Appearance #62! Redneck #7 by Lisandro Estherren!

November 22, 2017

This made for a nice surprise. Especially after meeting series writer Donny Cates just days before. But Redneck #7 makes for a cool cameo in a wonderfully named "Vampires in Texas" series.

Many thanks to Lisandro Estherren for such a quick turn around in giving me a fun cameo in Redneck. Love the shout out in the shirt too.

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Kansas City Comic Con 2017

November 10, 2017

Kansas City Comic Con was this weekend. I went Friday of the three day show and it was a very enjoyable way to spend the day.

Not too often do I spend an entire weekend at a comic convention. I mean, it’s nice to have that option. Shop a bit more. Get deals on the last day of a show. Talk it up, network with new or familiar faces. Have a long line one day, come back and try again later. But sometimes a one and done, in and out day also makes for a nice con experience. Besides, three days at a convention can make for a long and tiring weekend.

So with high hopes to avoid the big weekend crowd, I purposely went down on a Friday. While I did happen to avoid the large crowds and long lines, it turns out there were also a few downsides to going on a Friday as well. Like the amount of time a few guests spent at the show… some of which didn’t even show on Friday. I’m looking at you Dennis Hopeless (Deadlines. I’ll get ya next time man).

Dennis Hopeless signing at his table. *ahem*

I took a regular comic short box to the show. Bring a handful of books per guest to get signatures. There were quite a few guests that had a three book limit before charging for additional autographs. So there were quite a few comics I brought that didn't get signed. I don't plan to sell these on Ebay or anything. I just enjoy meeting these folks and getting their work signed and get a photo.

Dexter Vines!!!

First up on my rounds through the creator booths was inker extraordinaire Dexter Vines. Got a lot of issues of Superman/Batman signed. It wasn't until after the show that I realized a few key issues I should have brought, so hopefully Kansas City will be seeing him again sometime. Nice guy. Very friendly.

Brent Peeples. New Super-man artist.

Down the line was Brent Peeples. Brent is currently penciling New Super-man which has been surprisingly good and am glad to see it still hitting the shelves. Talked to Brent for a bit, telling me that he was at least on the book for a few more months. I enjoy his work on the book and hope him success, even after his time on New Super-man. I made sure to give him one of my fliers. Hopefully he can work a cameo in (cause that'd be awesome).

This guy.

Had to stop and congratulate (and give shit to) Jai Nitz on his recent book Fu Jitsu. We talked Whatabuger and his collaborator on the book, penciler Wesley St. Claire. Both he and Jai had finished doing a convention in Texas weeks earlier, it being Wesley's second convention ever which I found amazing. I told Jai about my intentions of contacting Wesley and Jai totally gave me his blessings to do so... so... I should probably get on that.

Hit up my local people. Gave Jason Aaron plenty of comics to sign. It's his fault really for putting out so much content in between shows. Always good to see Ande Parks and Phil Hester. Told Phil I drove up to Minnesota a few months ago just to see him (ha ha). Stopped by Leeanne Krecic's table and chatted for a while. She does a web comic and we talked a while about how that side of the business works. Glad things seem to be going well for the local group. I'll never stop saying it but I'm glad Kansas City has a nice group of friendly and talented comic book people here.

Donny Cates! Rock on!

I missed out on seeing James Tynion IV, writer of Detective Comics, The Woods, and a little series called U.F.Ology (which I had a little cameo in a while back). A handful of these creators were only signing at their table for a few hours on Friday, which is why I didn't get to meet James. David Finch had a short schedule as did Donny Cates. Was glad to talk with Cates. I told him about my campaign and he seemed to appreciate what I was doing. I told him I had tried to get into Redneck and that Babyteeth was next on my radar. He seemed keen to this. Took out his phone and said he'd send an e-mail to artist Garry Brown. So... need to e-mail him too. 

Other points of interest include my failed poster recreation of Back to the Future with this awesome Delorean time machine.

Wrapping this up, here's the swag I picked up. Some great Diamond Select figures I needed for a good deal. Also some key issues from a nice selection of dealers. Very nice experience with these dealers. Spent more than I was planning too.

Also picked up some Star Trek sketches from artist Rob Davis. Many years ago at a Planet Comicon I picked up a handful of these and was delighted to see him again at KCCC to pick up more for the collection.

Overall I had a great time. Loved the November date. Looking forward to the next show in 2018.

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Minnesota Fan Fest 2017

August 30, 2017

So I did a fun thing. I went on an actual road trip out of state and managed to visit a new comic book convention. The Minnesota Fan Fest! And for a attendee, it was great. Great comic guests. Great deals on books from vendors. And if you don't like crowds well, that worked in your favor too.

From my understanding this is the first show for Fan Fest which ran for two days (Sat & Sun) August 19th & 20th. My wife Rachael and I pulled up to the venue shortly after the show started on Sunday. Not really a convention vibe outside. But anyway. Pulled into an adjoined car garage, and that was when I got worried. I wish I had taken a picture. The garage was almost totally empty, on every level. We parked and there were no signs pointing that we were even in the right place. Until finally at the end of a hallway did I see the Fan Fest logo with an arrow, signaling that we were indeed, at the right place.

A quick pass through security and we were there. Not a bad convention floor. I navigated through quickly to my one main goal. Artists alley. More importantly. This guy.

Dan Jurgens.

Writer/Artist of Superman #75 "The Death of Superman". The comic that got me into collecting comics. So yeah, he's kinda a big deal. In real life and to me personally.

Dan was setting up his table for the start of his day before I approached him. I was nervous and excited, cause they say you shouldn't meet your heroes. But Mr. Jurgens was super nice and awesome. I told him I drove from Kansas City to meet him and he mentioned that he was contacted by my local con to maybe be a guest for next year's show. It was nice to be able to drop names and talk to him on this. It's just cool to be able to do that.

I didn't mention my campaign to him. I just, I didn't want to sour the mood by even chancing it. I walked away with a photo with him and many books signed. I hope to see him again real soon in Kansas City. That would be great!

OH, but how there were many more comic book artists and writers in attendance to whom I did hand out Draw Me In fliers to. First off was Peter Tomasi. I told him how much I really enjoyed his writing. There are certain writers who just resonate with you and he was one that popped up on my radar long ago with DC. It was good to meet with him.

Sitting next to him was one of his more frequent collaborator's Patrick Gleason. Patrick had been a guest at Planet Comicon in Kansas City a few years back, so this wasn't the first time chatting him up. I handed him an updated flier and he said he remembered me. I mean, even if an artist is or isn't inclined to go out of his/her way to partake in my fanboy quest, it is at least nice to know that I can make a memorable impression. It's always a hard fine line to dance around meeting a creator and then turn around asking something of them. I want to stress the fanboy part first. It's about the love of comics!

Let's see, who else. Phil Hester. I should have a nice collection of pictures taken with him on my computer. As he should have a nice collection of my fliers. It's almost a running joke at this point. I see Phil all the time at shows everywhere. I believe he lives in Iowa which gives him a nice location to travel to some of these Midwest shows. I chatted up with him for a while, being nice to see a familiar face.

Stopped by to say hi to Gordon Purcell. Had him sign a Deep Space Nine and Gargoyles book he drew. Talked a little about Gargoyles. He had some original artwork and right on top was a page with a great likeness of Jonathan Frakes as Riker. Ugh. I kinda wish I'd bought it now. I'd be nice to have more money to spend on creators.

Francis Manapul. It was cool talking to him. The guy can draw. I mean, and to put a fine point on it... this two page spread specifically.

I mentioned my love of that spread, and that's when he told me this cool story about it. When the editor assigned him to work on Adventure Comics with Geoff Johns, Francis did a mock up story for it with four pages of artwork, just to see if it fell in line with the overall tone of the book. Geoff liked the pages so much that he wrote them into the story. They are the very first pages in issue #1. Including the two page spread above. That's badass.

Last on this guest list was Bob Layton. A guy whose work you might recognize on the iconic issue of Iron Man #128 "Demon in a Bottle". Bob was very friendly and engaged with my wife and I. Very nice guy.

With very little competition, it was easy to go through ALL the comics from the many exhibitors at the show. Got a lot of books and a lot of good deals. I had a good time and was glad I went.

Exhibit hall photos and cool swag pics can be seen after the page break:

Read more »

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Curse Words Wizard Van Tour 2017!

July 28, 2017

I'm a comic book fanboy. I love the books. I love the characters. I love the creators.

Naturally, I love conventions. However I don't get to travel to many outside of my metropolitan area.

So a van tour? For Charles Soule and Ryan Browne? To Elite Comics in Kansas City? Um, YESS!!
Curse Words (from Image Comics) is a recent title about a wizard named Wizord. Yes, you read that correctly. Wizord travels from another realm where fantasy and magic rule the day to our modern world where hilarity and shenanigans ensues.

Curse Words crew Charles Soule and Ryan Browne! Celebrity photo credit Dennis Hopeless!

Of course this gets printed and shipped to my local comic book store on a monthly basis. The reason I went to Elite Comics was to meet the creators! Ryan Browne who does the art chores, I've actually seen him at least once a year for the past three years. He lives in the Midwest and has been to Kansas City a few times for shows. So he knew me, as far as me handing him a flyer and being that "cameo guy". Ryan's got a great art style. What does that mean? Well he's a good artist. But he also has fun with every page. Perfect for this book actually. Does it sound like I'm kissing his ass? I don't know. Ryan, are you reading this? If you are, I'm sorry about the next paragraph in advance.

I can't lie. The big draw on this was to see series writer Charles Soule. The dude has written several books. Many of which I have seriously enjoyed and have been incredibly saddened when the book either ended or he left the title. As I mentioned above, I don't get out to the big conventions, and this was Charles' first visit to Kansas City. This very well could be my one and only meeting of the man. So I was going to make it count. Not to mention that I have already had a cameo in one of his books Letter 44 (DMI Appearance #49 drawn by Alberto Alburquerque).

It's Charles Soule! Thanks again Dennis!

Great guys. Excellent duo having fun on a book. Good comics. I mean come on. They decked out a van to look like their book and are driving around the country to sign books and engage with their fans. They even cosplayed their characters. Fuck yeah!

And shout out to Elite Comics and the store's owner William. He has these type of events on the regular and even though he is not my regular comic shop stop, the Kansas City comics community is better off for having him around. The store has had a bit of a face lift and looks great. Apparently is it about seventy-five percent done. Looking forward to see what else you've got planned.

Elite Comics! Same old counter, brand new look!

Also, while the store has its regulars, it is nice to be able to show up on new comics day and be able to see a familiar face and chat it up. End of post shout out to CW, Kate, John, Damont, Jai, Dennis and even though I didn't say anything to him I'll name drop Jason too (who at least was there the same time I was so it counts).

Not a bad way to spend a rainy Wednesday. Peace out fanboys and girls!

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Thanks Amancay Nahuelpan!

July 13, 2017

Alright! Thanks for the cameo Amancay!

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Appearance #61! Calexit #1 by Amancay Nahuelpan!

Politics! Controversy! Comics!

It's like they go hand in hand.

But that's not what gets me to buy a comic. When I first heard the premise for Calexit, I thought, "Huh, what a cool idea for a story".

This book was solicited a while ago, and so I actually don't remember when I reached out to series artist Amancay Nahuelpan. So to my surprise when I got an e-mail from Amancay a week ago telling me I was going to be in the first issue of Calexit, was exciting. To add to the fact that it has been a year to the week that I have had a cameo in a comic book. So thus ends my dry spell. Hurray!

Cool little crowd cameo in front of the famous Chinese theatre in Hollywood.

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DMI: Rebirth

January 27, 2017

I'm still here. But I did think about closing up shop.

Ten years and sixty comic book cameos is quite the run. So why continue? As a self proclaimed comic book fan boy this campaign has been my fifteen minute claim to fame. And until things change where I start finishing projects, I'm going for an extra ten more minutes.

I read a LOT of books. I pick up stacks of comics every trip to the comic book store. So my love of collecting and reading is still very much there. And nothing puts a smile on my face like sneaking an appearance in one of my favorite books by an awesome, talented artist. The comic book community is a great one, and I'm going to hold on to my little corner for just a little while longer. Bring it!
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Ten Years Later...

July 23, 2016

Welcome to another self congratulating post!

It's San Diego Comic Con time, which also means it's anniversary time for Draw Me In. This year is a big one though. The big One - Oh! Yes folks, I've been doing DMI for a decade now. Wow.

In that span of time I've made it into sixty different books! That's an average one every two months! Not bad if you ask me. Still, I've got a ways to go before I hit appearance one-hundred! But then again it's never been about quantity. In my quest I have always perused either a specific artist whose work I like or a book that I enjoy reading. And in those ten years I've been incredibly lucky and am very grateful for every book on this growing list of appearances! Thank you to all the creators and to anybody who happens to visit my site (this means you).

And let's not forget this little video from a few years ago...

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Thanks Steven Sanders!

July 15, 2016

Thanks dude!

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Appearance #60! Throwaways #1 by Steven Sanders!

July 7, 2016

In the Kansas City metro area we have a large wonderful comic community. As I have campaigned to be drawn into funny books, it has always been a goal and a pleasure to get as many of our local talent I could get on board. I see these artists and writers at all the local conventions and store signings. I enjoy talking with them. You couldn't ask for a nicer group.

With that being said, patience pays off kids! I finally got him! Mr. Steven Sanders everybody!

Steven's latest series Throwaways was announced by Image last year (Image Expo I think?) and to my surprise Steven tells me I'm "gonna be in it" and was "going to get shot!" I must have that kind of face. Ha.

Behold! My cameo from Throwaways #1!

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Planet Comicon 2016!

May 29, 2016

Last week Kansas City hosted Planet Comicon, my primary local comic book convention. Every year it grows in size; in attendance, show room floor, guests... everything. This year was no exception, and it was a pretty big deal.

With my wife and comic partner in crime.

For starters, usually there are a lot of celebrity media guests. In the past I've voiced my concern that the media guests could take away from the comic part of comicon. That and I just don't have the cash to drop for photos and an autograph. Luckily I had some help on that front, and got to meet a few of them. First of which would be my meeting of George Takei... in my hotel lobby. Nothing quite like sharing a turbo lift with Mr. Sulu.

My lucky run in with a Starfleet officer.

From there I saw Jason Mewes and Ming Chen, both of various Viewaskew productions. Both were super nice. I even got to talk up DMI to Ming, which was pretty cool.

But the headliner of the show was the face of Marvel comics himself, Stan Lee. And oh yes, I was able to get a photo and a comic signed by the man.

My picture of a picture of Stan Lee.

This guy is seriously funny.

Kansas City is lucky to have a great group of local talent. Most of them know me (if not by name) and I see them around at various events. So it's the people from out of town I look forward to meeting for the first time. More often than not I take the opportunity to spread the gospel of DMI. Didn't really do that this go round, but I did get a chance to thank Amanda Conner in person for her contribution. I was very happy to do this, shake her hand and get an updated photo with her. She is an awesome individual.

Amanda Conner folks.

And finally, what about comics? In past years I had not hit up many venders. Usually I keep an eye out for $1 comic boxes, and haven't found many. This year however, there were deals everywhere. Like 2, 3 and 4 for a $1. Unheard of. And I picked up some high dollar books. I'm usually trigger shy when it comes to spending for big books, but not this year.

It was a good show this year.

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