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Curse Words Wizard Van Tour 2017!

July 28, 2017

I'm a comic book fanboy. I love the books. I love the characters. I love the creators.

Naturally, I love conventions. However I don't get to travel to many outside of my metropolitan area.

So a van tour? For Charles Soule and Ryan Browne? To Elite Comics in Kansas City? Um, YESS!!
Curse Words (from Image Comics) is a recent title about a wizard named Wizord. Yes, you read that correctly. Wizord travels from another realm where fantasy and magic rule the day to our modern world where hilarity and shenanigans ensues.

Curse Words crew Charles Soule and Ryan Browne! Celebrity photo credit Dennis Hopeless!

Of course this gets printed and shipped to my local comic book store on a monthly basis. The reason I went to Elite Comics was to meet the creators! Ryan Browne who does the art chores, I've actually seen him at least once a year for the past three years. He lives in the Midwest and has been to Kansas City a few times for shows. So he knew me, as far as me handing him a flyer and being that "cameo guy". Ryan's got a great art style. What does that mean? Well he's a good artist. But he also has fun with every page. Perfect for this book actually. Does it sound like I'm kissing his ass? I don't know. Ryan, are you reading this? If you are, I'm sorry about the next paragraph in advance.

I can't lie. The big draw on this was to see series writer Charles Soule. The dude has written several books. Many of which I have seriously enjoyed and have been incredibly saddened when the book either ended or he left the title. As I mentioned above, I don't get out to the big conventions, and this was Charles' first visit to Kansas City. This very well could be my one and only meeting of the man. So I was going to make it count. Not to mention that I have already had a cameo in one of his books Letter 44 (DMI Appearance #49 drawn by Alberto Alburquerque).

It's Charles Soule! Thanks again Dennis!

Great guys. Excellent duo having fun on a book. Good comics. I mean come on. They decked out a van to look like their book and are driving around the country to sign books and engage with their fans. They even cosplayed their characters. Fuck yeah!

And shout out to Elite Comics and the store's owner William. He has these type of events on the regular and even though he is not my regular comic shop stop, the Kansas City comics community is better off for having him around. The store has had a bit of a face lift and looks great. Apparently is it about seventy-five percent done. Looking forward to see what else you've got planned.

Elite Comics! Same old counter, brand new look!

Also, while the store has its regulars, it is nice to be able to show up on new comics day and be able to see a familiar face and chat it up. End of post shout out to CW, Kate, John, Damont, Jai, Dennis and even though I didn't say anything to him I'll name drop Jason too (who at least was there the same time I was so it counts).

Not a bad way to spend a rainy Wednesday. Peace out fanboys and girls!

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