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On the way...

September 9, 2013

Some comic cameo goodness on it's way...

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Thanks Dan Parent!

September 5, 2013

Thank you Dan. You know... way back when I started doing this, my second appearance was in The Walking Dead. Which as a comic fan... yeah, pretty awesome. But this was before the show on AMC. So when I told a "non" comic person I was in TWD... they really didn't get it. It took until my eighth appearance in Supergirl to be my first real mainstream book that other people could recognize. Still... it's not like saying Action Comics, Detective Comics, or Amazing Spider-man...

What I'm saying is, this is cool. Very cool. Because who doesn't know Archie?

The panel itself... it feels like I'm photo bombing Archie. And I'm alright with that. Thanks Dan.

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Appearance #43! Archie #647 by Dan Parent!


I made it into Archie! ArchieArchie that's been around since 1942 Archie! The comic that is... not the character. He debuted in Pep Comics #22 in 1941 (thanks Wikipedia). Archie!

Good things come to those who wait! Writer/Artist Dan Parent has been a guest the last two years at Planet Comicon, my local major con in Kansas City. The first year I introduced myself and gave Dan a flyer. I did the same again this year, and he remembered me. I don't fret though, I've been doing this for a bit and I know my "comic quest" can get lost in the shuffle of e-mails from editors and whatnot. You know, important work related stuff. So I find gentle reminders help out. And that's what he told me to do. I hate to be "that guy", especially since I feel I'm asking a lot from an artist to draw my likeness into their book. But persistence pays off.

Archie man! Archie!

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Thanks Jorge Coelho!

Thanks Jorge for giving me a cool cameo in Venom! Unfortunate to hear the title is going away... but this is comics and I know how the game is played, so I'll keep an eye out for your name in Previews and the likely inevitable return of Venom.

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Appearance #42! Venom #40 by Jorge Coelho!

My doorway into comics opened with DC Comics. And for the longest time that was my universe. But here lately my pull list has been equally divided by DC/Marvel/Independents. And Marvel has been very impressive with their Marvel Now stuff.

I tried Spider-man with "Brand New Day"... nothing like a bit of recon to quickly turn you off of a book. So making "Flash" Thompson the new Venom... sure. Why not? I gave it a shot and have enjoyed this book very much. Recently it's been announced that this run will be ending in a few issues, but thankfully it looks as if the character will continue. Maybe with a new title? However it turns out, I'm glad I reached out to Jorge Coelho who was gracious enough to oblige my request to be drawn into Venom!

Seriously... that message made my day.

Check the page below!

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