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Appearance #33! Wolverine & the X-men #7 by Nick Bradshaw!

March 15, 2012

Where I live there is a great local community of comic book people. I tend to follow their works and support them where I can. So there's this guy, a real up and comer, and I think he might make a name for him self. His name is Jason Aaron.

Ok, so I'm a self professed fan of Aaron's work. Can you blame me for wanting to make a little cameo in one of his books? And you know what? It's both an X-men and a Wolverine book. Bam!

Even before the first issue came out, I was scouting Wolverine & the X-men. I have not been successful in the past in contacting Chris Bachalo (who drew the first arc), so with the announcement that Nick Bradshaw would helm the penciling duties for the second arc, I quickly looked Nick up.

Turns out Nick has done a handful of books but has a claim to fame with Ash on Army of Darkness titles from Dynamite. I've thoroughly enjoyed Nick's art during this story arc and welcome him back after Bachalo makes his brief return. Thanks Nick for allowing me to cross this Jason Aaron thing from my DMI wish list!

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 10:52 AM


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