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86'd: A Horror Anthology Funding Drive

February 20, 2012

In doing my part to help out the local arena of talent here in the Kansas City area, may I present to you a comic one-shot called 86'd: A Horror Anthology!

Artists Bill Hook and Nick Perry have brought together a variety of writers and artists to the 52-page comic magazine, and are currently running a funding drive on IndyGoGo. After two weeks they have raised nearly half of their $1,000 goal with only two weeks left to go. The majority of the proceeds are designated to cover production and promotional expenses for the publication with remaining funds going to creator compensation.

Like with most of these types of fund raisers, contributors are given certain perks based on the level of donations given. Some perks include sketches, screen prints, original artwork and copies of the book itself.

To learn more about this project please feel free to visit their funding site or the official project website, 86dstudios.


posted by Gjskier (Kal), 9:27 AM


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