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Draw Me In 2011 - Year in Review Pt. 1 (Jan-July)

December 1, 2011

What an exciting and busy year it was for me and the site. And 2011 wasted no time getting things started either!

Here's my first of two posts of the happenings of one man's quest to be a comic book extra! Enjoy!

JANUARY - In the first week of 2011 I was drawn into Superboy #3 drawn by Pier Gallo and  in Sweets #4 drawn by Kody Chamberlain. BAM! Appearances #19 and #20!

Lying on the floor in Superboy #3.

Playing cop in Sweets #4!

In the past I had kept Draw Me In pretty low key, but a Twitter comment from Kody had blown the lid on the whole thing and had put me out into the world.

And the next day, I had a story on the comics news site Bleeding Cool!

The story helped get me recognition, including an out of nowhere e-mail from Fallen Angel artist J.K. Woodward, who had offered to draw me into the current mini-series.

The month capped off with my #21 appearance in Proof: Endangered #2. One drawn once again by artist Riley Rossmo!

Yeah! Proof: Endangered #2!

February kinda fluttered by. There were a few behind the scenes stuff going on, e-mails and the like. But I was also gearing up for my area's big local show which brings me to:

MARCH - Planet Comicon 2011 was a blast. Too many guests too mention, so here's a link to that story!

Impressed with his work on The Cape, a one-shot from IDW, I contacted Zach Howard and he graciously (and awesomely) drew me in an issue of Secret Six (an issue focusing on King Shark!).... BUT, that was before DC Comics New 52!

Unfortunately this entire issue of Secret Six (which was one of my favorite pre-Flashpoint reads) drawn by Zach didn't make print due to the DC Comics relaunch.

But I do have this!

Unpublished Secret Six page drawn by Zach Howard.

APRIL - Saw appearance #22 hit in Fallen Angel: Return of the Son #3 by J.K. Woodward. A mere three month turn around since having the story on DMI posted at Bleeding Cool.

J.K. Woodward drew both myself (left) and writer/artist Kody Chamberlain (right) into Fallen Angel!

MAY - Riley Rossmo blew my mind by drawing me a third time in Green Wake #2, making it appearance #23 for the year.

Scan sent by Riley Rossmo from Green Wake #2. I love the arrow pointing me out.

Let's not forget Free Comic Book Day 2011. I visited with some great comic folk, to include; Jai Nitz, Greg Smallwood, Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, B. Clay Moore, and Seth Peck!

Got a few great sketches and signatures. Picked up a few new books. A very memorable FCBD!

Artist Brian Hurtt sketching out characters from his book The Sixth Gun!

But then THIS happened! I was interviewed for Folha, Brazil's leading newspaper! Here's the link to the online article.

JUNE - Scott Kowalchuk was kind enough to sneak me into his book The Intrepids #4! That was appearance #24! Nice guy!

Page from The Intrepids #4 by Scott Kowalchuk!

JULY - Wrapping up this first half of 2011, I was drawn into the background of a webcomic drawn by Diego Guaglianone, a 15 year old Brazilian cartoonist.

Later in July my picture was on the cover of the retailer variant cover of Amazing Spider-man #666. Although you might miss it without a magnifying glass.

Check back soon where I'll post all the exciting happenings that happened in the last half of 2011!

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