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Contact! Ryan Kelly!

October 21, 2011

So like a week ago was the New York Comic Con. A lot of company's took this time to announce the next big event and new titles. One of these gems to come out of the convention was a new on-going series from Vertigo written by Paul Cornell called Saucer Country. Drawing the series is Ryan Kelly, who did the promo image below.

On Paul Cornell's site he says, "It's about Arcadia Alvarado, the Governor of New Mexico, who, on the eve of announcing that she's running for President... is 'abducted by aliens'."

It's being described as "The West Wing does The X-Files."

Saucer Country sounds like a winner and so I had to reach out to Ryan Kelly. There were a few "concerns" however I got a firm.... maybe.

I am optimistically hopeful.

Look for Saucer Country in finer comic book stores near you early 2012.

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 11:06 PM


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