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Thanks Lee Leslie!

October 26, 2011

Thanks Lee!


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Appearance #29! Screamland #5 by Lee Leslie!

Due to my project here, it's safe to say that I've been in contact with a lot of comic book artists. Add to that the fact that locally in my area there seems to be a lot of comic folk, and I get to meet a lot of them at conventions. So I like to support the cause and pick up their work. And it's because I do this that I discover some good reads.... like Screamland from Image Comics.

I had e-mailed artist Lee Leslie a few months back, and had hoped to see him at a recent convention. Lee unfortunately could not make the con, but I knew there would be another convention down the road. Not to long thereafter did I recieve an e-mail from Leslie saying he had drawn me into issue #5!

How appropriate that the story has been set at a convention. There I am in the background, kinda like in my natural habitat so to speak. And Lee added a few personal touches. First off... kinda looks like an "S" shield there, don't it? And Second... is that a "DRAW ME IN" sign I'm holding?!?!!!

Yes, yes it is. How awesome is that?

Buy Screamland!

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Thanks Victor Santos!

Thank you Victor. My ten year old self would be so jealous right now.

Best sound effect ever: SKREEEEE-ONK!


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Appearance #28! Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #8 by Victor Santos!

Just like my appearance earlier this month in Ghostbusters #1, Godzilla is one of those properties I grew up on. As a kid I enjoyed watching the Toho Godzilla movies where the monsters were always fighting each other and destroying cities. So I was always going to pick up this book, there was no question.

My first attempt to sneak into Godzilla was by trying to sweet talk Phil Hester (the books first artist) earlier this year at Planet Comicon, my local big convention here in Kansas City.

I have this running "joke" with Phil to always give him a new flier for DMI whenever I see him. He doesn't draw as much as he used to, but man... I seriously thought I might of had a shot with Godzilla. You almost got me Phil!

But this sad story doesn't end there folks, it only gets better! Starting with issue #5 IDW had Victor Santos (The Mice Templar) take over penciling duties on the book. And man... especially with this latest issue (Godzilla #8), can he draw a great monster fight!

I contacted Victor right after his first issue came out. He didn't mind putting me in somewhere, as he was currently working on issue #8.

I love the panel Victor worked me into. I'm in an underground bunker beneath Washington D.C. with President Ogden (not to be confused with Obama).

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Thanks Brett Booth!

Thanks for drawing me in to Titans Brett! And for making sure my face wasn't covered by those pesky word balloons.


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Appearance #27! Teen Titans #2 by Brett Booth!

Brett Booth is an alright guy. For the few e-mail exchanges we've had, he's been very friendly and informative! As a DC fan I'd previously enjoyed his work on the Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special and especially his more recent run on Justice League of America.

During the announcement of DC Comics "The New 52" I knew I had to contact him. Booth is currently the artist on the recently "relaunched" Teen Titans.

I totally didn't know what to expect today when flipping through the pages of Teen Titans #2. I knew I was going to be on page two (a reoccurring theme with my appearances), and so there I am. In the lower left corner.

Although I'd never wear red "short" shorts like that (at least in public), I dig the "S shield" shirt!

I'm covered up a bit by a caption box, but according to Brett it could have been worse. "I had to ask them to move the word balloon they put over your face."

Oh well. If anything they could have moved the caption box to cover up my gut. Ugh.

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Contact! Ryan Kelly!

October 21, 2011

So like a week ago was the New York Comic Con. A lot of company's took this time to announce the next big event and new titles. One of these gems to come out of the convention was a new on-going series from Vertigo written by Paul Cornell called Saucer Country. Drawing the series is Ryan Kelly, who did the promo image below.

On Paul Cornell's site he says, "It's about Arcadia Alvarado, the Governor of New Mexico, who, on the eve of announcing that she's running for President... is 'abducted by aliens'."

It's being described as "The West Wing does The X-Files."

Saucer Country sounds like a winner and so I had to reach out to Ryan Kelly. There were a few "concerns" however I got a firm.... maybe.

I am optimistically hopeful.

Look for Saucer Country in finer comic book stores near you early 2012.

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Going for Three in a Row!

October 17, 2011

Today I checked out Diamond's website for the weekly releases and looked at the future for next weeks solicitations. According to them, I can look forward to appearing in three books next week!

PREVIEWSworld.com Upcoming Releases

Shipping 10/26/2011

AUG110226 TEEN TITANS #2 $2.99



This is AMAZING! Look forward to a bunch of posts a week from Wednesday!
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The Beauty preview pages drawn by Jeremy Haun!

October 5, 2011

When past contributors to my cause here have big news or something exciting happens to them, I like to share the love and post it here. In this case artist Jeremy Haun recently posted preview pages for an up-coming project of his. Actually here are his words:

 In just a few short weeks my upcoming Top Cow: Pilot Season book with co-writer Jason A. Hurley hits the stands. We're REALLY proud of this book. So proud, in fact, that I wanted to go ahead and show you an exclusive five page preview of the black and white art from the book. I worked my ass of on drawing these pages. I hope you dig them.

These pages look great and I look forward to picking up this issue. Good work Jeremy!

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