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Appearance #25! True Blood: The French Quarter #1 by David Messina!

September 7, 2011

I've wanted to blog about this for almost a year now! At least I know I can keep a secret.

My wife Rachael is a fan of the HBO show True Blood. Even though I read them too, she's the sole reason I pick up the True Blood comics by IDW. This of course was a no brainer for me... I had to try and get her drawn into an issue.

Secretly I had her pick out a few photos I would have used as reference, and sought out to contact series artist David Messina. David had no problem at all with helping me out with this. However for anyone who read the first six issue series, was set only in a bar featuring flashbacks of the main cast. Due to the script he could not fit us in.

The next True Blood series was also six issues long, but no longer had David as the artist. However David assured me he would be back on this, the next six issues, and would squeeze us in somewhere.

Sure enough he did... issue one, page one.

I presented the issue to my wife and she couldn't believe I got her in the book. I explained to her what I had done, pulled out the issue and told her to turn to the first page. Her eyes opened and said, "No WAY!"

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