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Bringing in the New Year!

December 29, 2011

Mapping out the next year, I have at least three appearances coming in 2012. Near Death #8 is the last of them... but May seems so far away.

To help pass the time though, I do have this!

Thanks to Simone Guglielmini for sending me this, the pencils of the panel I've been drawn into.

Read Near Death from Image Comics! Happy New Year!

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Draw Me In 2011 - Year in Review Pt. 2 (Aug-Dec)

December 21, 2011

Time to wrap up my year in review. Yes there's still a week and a half left of 2011, but a lot of stuff that's been happening lately has been "behind the scenes". But I'll get to that soon enough come early next year.

So hit the jump and find out something I never blogged about this year... and the rest of the stuff that I did. Enjoy!

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Draw Me In 2011 - Year in Review Pt. 1 (Jan-July)

December 1, 2011

What an exciting and busy year it was for me and the site. And 2011 wasted no time getting things started either!

Here's my first of two posts of the happenings of one man's quest to be a comic book extra! Enjoy!

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