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Thanks Shawn Martinbrough!

November 28, 2013

Dude, thanks man.

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Appearance #47! Thief of Thieves #18 by Shawn Martinbrough!

It's nice to have surprises in life. Like this appearance in Thief of Thieves #18. Not that it was totally out of the blue, I knew it was forthcoming. I just didn't know when. Plus I'd have had been in contact with Shawn Martinbrough for a while now, almost since the beginning of the series, so... you know... patience and perseverance and all that.

I love it. It was a great issue for an already great arc and the cameo had a nice spotlight moment to it. Here's what Shawn had to say upon my spotting it:
"I was using you as a model but then I thought it didn't resemble you that much so I didn't bother to mention it. Glad you like!"

Yes I do.

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Thanks Troy Little!

I had something cool to show my younger cousins today at Thanksgiving dinner.

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Appearance #46! Powerpuff Girls #3 by Troy Little!

November 27, 2013

Beware citizens of Townsville! There's a universe/dimension hopping traveler in town and, oh look! A parade! I just love a parade!

... Oh Powerpuff Girls. What an undeniable allure you have. It must be the chemical X!

What a wonderfully entertaining cartoon the Powerpuff Girls were. Great idea, great execution. That's why when I saw IDW was bringing the girls back I leapt at the chance to get in on that. And thanks to social media I was able to get ahold of the one man show behind the revival... Troy Little!

Troy was impressed by the amount of responses I've received and was glad to join in the fun!

And fun it is. Heck yeah, I'm now a citizen of Townsville. That's cool.

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Thanks Vanesa R. Del Rey!

November 8, 2013

Thanks Vanesa for giving me a sweet role in Hit.
I'm on a boat!


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Appearance #45! Hit #3 by Vanesa R. Del Rey!

November 6, 2013

Before Hit #1 had hit the stores, I was turned on to the series by a comics writer friend. I enjoy a good L.A. noir setting, being the final western frontier, right after the great war, and full of Hollywood magic. I was sold. Vanesa's preview art was great too, so I looked her up on the internet and managed to contact her about the campaign.

Three months later, there I am. A character with a name (that is not my own)... a first I believe. Complete with speaking lines. It's a cool appearance, and I totally dig this panel the most.

Hit (no pun intended) the jump for the pages and bonus B&W pages sent by the artist herself!
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