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Contact! Angelo Tirotto!

November 22, 2011

I'm always checking the monthly solicits to check out new books I might enjoy. And a majority of these new #1's I end up picking up happen to be from Image Comics. Great stuff like Proof, Green Wake, Who is Jake Ellis, Near Death... the list goes on and on.

So what's this new title I see called No Place Like Home? Here's the official solicit:

Dee’s life is in turmoil when her parents are killed in a freak tornado. Returning to Kansas for the funeral after five years in LA, Dee discovers Emeraldsville is the same unexciting place it was when she left – until the bizarre unexplained murders begin.

With an unknown killer closing in, the events of one night in 1959 begin to unravel as a portal to a world of horror opens, a portal paved with yellow bricks…

This series looks great, and I'm a sucker for new spins on the Wizard of Oz. I am from Kansas after all.

So I decided to reach out to the creators, and managed to exchange words with the series writer/creator Angelo Tirotto! He had this to say:

"We'd be more than happy to draw you in! ... I'll get Rich to add you into the first issue."

Richard Jordan being the artist on the book. The first issue is scheduled to hit stores in February! Can't wait!

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 5:24 PM


Wow this is a verry niiice sight!
Where is your members area?
I have just finished drawing you into issue 1. I have you in 2 panels, colouring needs doing next, then Angelo will probably be in touch.

Rich Jordan
I can not wait for this! Big thanks to Rich and Angelo!

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