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Proof: Endangered #5

May 5, 2011

What a great series. I love this book.

Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo made something special with this series. And I hate to talk about it like it's over. But as Alex mentions in the back letter pages, it seems the series will go on a bit of a hiatus, but not before teasing a few "to be continued..." moments in the story.

I don't know what the monthly numbers are on this book, but I know it's fans are out there and very passionate about Proof. Myself included.

I think this latest five-issue installment made for a nice story, a rather quickly paced story with just about the entire cast of Proof, making a nice ending point... if only for the moment. Again, with promise of more Proof to come.

In the letter column Lee Horton asked about a previous option Sony had for an animated Proof project. Alex mentions Sony had let it lapse "but there are other plans afoot."

Now we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best. Much like the effort with Sony. But if it gets more people to recognize a new property and get more people turned to the world of comics the better. Plus an extra paycheck in the pockets of Alex and Riley wouldn't hurt'em either.

I came across my own little surprise while reading the letter column... an e-mail I had sent Alex after reading issue #4. That was a exciting discovery!

Finally to the back page. A pin-up by Scott Kowalchuk. Nice.

I know the guys have more projects lined up besides Proof. Riley Rossmo currently has Green Wake. Alex Grecian just wrapped up a novel, and I hope to see him during a signing for Free Comic Book Day to maybe see what's next comic book wise.

Here's to the best for both of them, and to the next chapter of Proof. Thanks guys!

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 12:32 PM


Nice and i love it.

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