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When Does Then Become Now... Soon

March 24, 2011

Ah... quoting Spaceballs... good stuff.

The other day I picked up my rather large stack of comic books, and made a detour to a nearby Vintage Stock to raid their back issue bins. Although I barely went through them, I didn't want to be there ALL day, I found a few interesting picks, each for $.50.

From top to bottom we have some Justice League. I thought to maybe get these signed by Rich Burchett at the con this Saturday. Oh which con? This one!

Let's see, didn't start comics until the Death of Superman... but when I see stuff that is "classic" and I've seen the covers to in past issues of Wizard... well, I figure it's an investment. I can appreciate these "older" 80's classics.

And then I was surprised to see these. I barely even remembered they existed, but I loved the cartoon. So much so I HAD to get into the SL Graphics launch of the title written by Greg Weisman... and this Marvel series had art by DMI artist Amanda Conner. The only sad thing is that they didn't have the complete run. Now I'm going to have to find those... but hey, that's half the fun of a collection, right?



posted by Gjskier (Kal), 9:12 PM


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