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It's Coming Soon... Planet Comicon 2011!

March 5, 2011

I don't go to many cons outside of my local arena, so every year this is the big daddy of them all for me. Even then so, I'm so very pumped up and excited for this years.

And oh yeah, I'll be hitting up the creators... so there's that. But just look at the guest list:

You've got the local cats, repeat offenders who attend just about every year;

Jason Aaron
Cullen Bunn
Rick Burchett
Alex Grecian
Jeremy Haun
Phil Hester
Brian Hurtt
Kevin Mellon
B Clay Moore
Tony Moore
Jai Nitz
Ande Parks
Steven Sanders
and Freddie Williams II

I'm going to hit you guys probably first, I want more of "the local boys" to join in on my campaign. Granted, I've already been in books featuring Alex Grecian, Jeremy Haun, Jai Nitz and Freddie Williams II. And some of you guys have been really receptive to Draw Me In.

A lot of these guys have either currently or in the works new and exciting projects. Pretty great stuff.

Outside of the Kansas City scene we have coming this year are;

Ron Garney
Tony Harris
Yanick Paquette
Rick Remender
Gail Simone
Ben Templesmith
Skottie Young

Now some of these guys (and gal) are hit and miss with me. Not that I don't like their work, just that I don't collect some of the books they work on. However a lot of these creators also are collaborators with the local bunch on current projects. So lots of books with double signatures on them! Yeah!

More to come...


posted by Gjskier (Kal), 3:20 PM


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