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Contact! Andie Tong

September 21, 2010

This is an overdue post. About a month ago a friend had shown me a Spider-man book that was being sold at a retail store. On the last page, I found something of interest. This charming fellow on the right.

Seems kinda familiar. So I flip to the front to find out who drew it. A artist by the name of Andie Tong. I thought this was way too cool to pass up e-mailing Andie about this, so I find an e-mail address and send a message, pointing out the coincidence and my campaign.

He said the "guy in the spidey book" was actually the editor on the book. Andie mentioned that he would fit me into one of his books.

Well, he's currently working on Tron: Betrayal for Marvel. And I got another e-mail.

"You'll be glad to know, you're in Tron Betrayal." He goes on to add it'll be in the second book.

Oh, heck yeah. That's so cool! Looking forward to it, and thanks Andie!

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 11:07 PM


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