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Astonishing Spider-man/Wolverine Store Signing With Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert!

May 5, 2010

So I took off work early today for good reason. Not only was it new comic book day, which is already a good day to start with, but at Elite Comics in Overland Park there was an in store signing for today's new release Astonishing Spider-man/Wolverine with creators Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert!

Since I usually only get to go to local conventions, there was no way I was gonna miss this opportunity. God bless his heart, Adam Kubert to fly to Kansas City for the day from I think New York City, to sign our comic books. That's ton's of awesome right there. Period.

Not like I was going to see him anytime soon at another convention, I couldn't pass down the opportunity to tell him about Draw Me In and hand him a flier. He asked questions about it and I think for the first time, someone I've approached with DMI, asked how I got started doing this. (Which if you want the long story as I tell it, shoot me an e-mail I'd be glad to tell ya.)

But even though it wasn't super busy there, I didn't spend a lot of time chatting it up. I never want to press my luck, I am a fanboy at heart so anybody in the "biz" is like a celebrity to me.
If you're reading this Andy, "HI! Thanks for coming to KC, it was great meeting you sir!"

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 8:57 PM


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