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Planet Comicon 2010!

April 11, 2010

Hey! There was a convention and I went to it! It was only about two weeks ago.. (hee hee OOPS!)

I had a great time though. Talked to a lot of great creator folk. Let's start with the local talent.

I'm becoming more comfortable around Jason Aaron. There, I said it. And to add on top of that, I wasn't reading anything written by him. Aside from Wolverine's many appearances in Marvel books, I never really got behind his solo book. So I gave Jason's Wolverine: Weapon X a shot and enjoy it. He gave me a possible heads up to a signing for the launch of his new series Astonishing Wolverine/Spider-man. I'm looking forward to it.

Talked to Jeremy Haun, somebody I think I last talked to years ago in Lawrence. Apparently he frequents the same comic book store I go to (limitedfigures). Jeremy's work load has been increasing and I've been trying to get more of the "local" guys in on my campaign, so I made a point to focus on a conversation with him. He was more than receptive and encouraged me to e-mail him. I did the very next day but have not heard back from him. Thinking I should try it again.

Had to make sure my run of Proof had been all updated with Alex Grecian's autograph. We had a nice chat on the past year's stories. Always a delightful fellow to talk to.

Phil Hester: Well, the convention tradition continues... I gave him a new flier. That's usually as far as that goes. I wonder how long we can keep this up before I wear Phil down? You reading me Phil? I'm persistent!

B. Clay Moore is a nice guy and seems favorable to my quest. I can't wait for more Hawaiian Dick work to hit shelves. He gave me an update on the next instalment, it's progress so far. Can't wait to see his name in the Previews catalogs again soon.

Now for the out of towners. Let's start with the disappointment first. Stephane Roux, all the way from Paris... to do commissions. He was sketching at his table which a lot of artists do at conventions, however his posse behind the counter (as I was taking comics out of their bags) advised me that because of his list of commissions, his autographs would be limited to the last hour of the con. Well, guess what... never mind. I usually get everything done well before the con wraps up so I missed out on any autographs.

Phil Noto and Talent Caldwell... these guys were great to chat with. They liked the fliers, and Talent said he'd throw me into his next project. Have to admit, a very receptive year.

Lastly, Sean McKeever who was I guess fashionably late as I would check in on his table to see if he had arrived. I absolutely loved his run on Marvel's Sentinel and had every issue signed. I hate to be that guy who has whole runs signed, but I figured I could be selfish this one time. Sean talked a bit about the run with me and a nice guy. I gave him a few fliers cause I've enjoyed the artists he's worked with on his various projects. Unfortunately I picked up most of his mini Gravity which I would have loved to have signed as well. Oh well, perhaps a different show someday.

Another great show, picked up some great cheap comics, finished out my run of Powers and Astonishing X-Men. And most importantly talked with some of the industry's finest! Thanks to all who took the time to humor a fanboy.

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