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Contact!! Kody Chamberlain

April 30, 2010

An interesting thing appeared in my e-mail in box a few days ago. I received a press release from writer/artist Kody Chamberlain promoting his new mini series Sweets published by Image Comics.

This was exciting to because while yes, I've sent out letters to Image Comics trying to get ahold of artists, I'm not entirely sure how I ended up on his mailing list. So it was exciting to see after years of running Draw Me In I had managed to get a press release... from a creator... that I'd not initially made contact with!

I checked out his site and the man is doing the entire book. Writing, drawing, coloring and inking. How can you not appreciate that for starters.

Sweets is "a five-issue crime drama set in New Orleans shortly before Hurricane Katrina strikes."

I replied to his e-mail and about a day later he replied, "I'll do my best to sneak you in, just about to start on issue #2."

There's already preview pages of the book out there on the interwebs. I like his style and I look forward to checking the book out.

Thanks Kody!

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 8:26 PM


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