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*Update* Unofficial Posting of Appearance #14!

May 13, 2010

*Update* I still have yet to make it to my comics shop, but thanks to a friend I managed to at least get a scan of the panel! I can't wait to get it already!!!

Alright! Deep breath.... and..... here we go!

Last Wednesday saw the release of The Sword #24. The final issue of a great story so wonderfully done by the Luna Brothers. After keeping me on my toes for over a year I managed to make it into one of their books!

And I wish I had a copy!

This is the worst part of not having a comic book store IN the town you live in. Not always getting your weekly fix of the habit.

I went out of town to my comic book store today, and foolishly I arrived late (I should have called!!!) and missed out of my stash. Went to another store nearby, and they didn't order any extra issues of The Sword other than who was on their pull list! But the guy at the store let me look at a copy (thinking back now, duh... should have taken a picture with my phone at least!).

So I've seen it, held it in my hands. But I'm back home now empty handed. Saddened.

SO... this has been my unofficial posting of DMI appearance #14 by Jonathan Luna.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to... I'da know, post a picture or something of it when I get my grubby little hands on a copy or... four. Till then...

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