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Planet Comicon 2013

April 12, 2013

This year was a pretty big year for Planet Comicon in Kansas City. Having out grown its previous venue, the show moved to downtown Kansas City to Bartle Hall, the premiere location for any and all conventions in the city.

So it's kinda a big deal. Add to that the biggest list of celebrities and top notch comic creators yet and you've got a show! Hit the jump to see how I spent it...

One word... Justice!
As in past Planet Comicons the show ran for two days over the weekend, April 6th and 7th. In previous shows I would attend for one day (Saturday) and that would be it for me. This year though I went for both days and needed them too! I was lucky to get a room for my wife and I at the Marriott across from the convention center with a lovely view over looking Bartle Hall. I'm thinking this might have to be the new tradition for the show.

It was quite exciting to see comic creators (just a few to mention Jason Aaron, Dan Parent and Howard Chaykin) hanging out in the lobby or exiting the elevators. I made sure to say hi to them in passing.

View from my room overlooking the convention center.

The first order of buisness at the show was to stop by Greg Smallwood's table where he and writer Jai Nitz were promoting their up-coming Dark Horse book Dream Thief. Ever since Jai posted on Facebook the "exclusive" print below, I wanted to make sure I got one. Well, turns out I got print 1/50. Got to love that.

Exclusive Planet Comicon DREAM THIEF print, art by Greg Smallwood.

I'm excited for the guys as this is a dream for Greg and now he's made it. Something I hope to realize in my own future someday. For now though I'll have to live vicariously through his experience. Dream Thief hits shelves May 15th Diamond Order Code: MAR130014. That's for you Jai.

Team Dream Thief! Jai Nitz (left) and Greg Smallwood (right).

Further down the same row of tables I chatted it up and shared a pitch for a comic idea with my buddy CW Cooke. Just listening to him talk about his various comic projects gives me a renewed energy to pursue creating comics. Thanks for the advise CW. Expect e-mails from me in the future. Loved the Stillwater preview!
Further still was Nick Perry and Bill Hook, the guys behind the scenes of 86'd. I also meet and talked with artist Mario Mora. Hmm... that reminds me. I gotta find a few artists for some 86'd stories. I better get on that.
I sought out Dan Parent, artist on various Archie comics, and picked up the recent issue of Archie meets Glee. I got it along with my copy of Kevin Keller (guest staring George Takei) signed.

I had met him at last year's show but failed to get a picture with him. Plus I owed him a dollar from my purchases last year too. I handed him an updated flyer and very much so look forward to making a cameo in an Archie title someday. That would make an excellent addition! Dan, it was a pleasure chatting with you sir!

Archie and Kevin Keller artist Dan Parent!

Talked with Jason Aaron, current writer on various Marvel projects. Jason doesn't mind autographing whatever you bring to him, so that means I have signatures on complete runs of his (Scalped!). Jason asked me about the story of how Nick Bradshaw draw me in one of his issues of Wolverine & the X-men. Always a pleasure talking to Jason.

Down from him was the dynamic Sixth Gun duo of Brian Hurtt and Cullen Bunn! I got all the recent Sixth Gun issues signed from the last year, and a handful of Venom issues written by Bunn. Both of these gentlemen are super nice, and I'm glad they come to the show every year.

I stopped by to introduce myself to Matt Kindt, creator behind Mind MGMT from Dark Horse. Didn't have much for him to sign, but it was nice to meet him.

Dennis Hopeless had teased his up-coming project with Marvel the last time I saw him in September at the Free State Con. I should have guessed by the excitement he had after purchasing a Forge X-men figure that day. Fast forward to now, he's writing two great titles at the house of ideas (Avengers Arena & Cable and X-Force). Both by design are books I would have shyed away from in the past, and honestly I gave them a shot only because it was one of our local boys on it. Damn it though, they're good reads. I'm hooked. Thanks Dennis for the signatures, the stories and the conversation.

Dennis Hopless. Please don't kill off Juston and his Sentinel... that is all.

Talked to Kelsey Wroten and had her sign the books she drew for CW Cooke. She hijacked my sharpie from me for like half the show. I'll remember you the next time Kelsey. I'll remember you.

After coming back for my pen I met her table mate Matt Fox. I picked up a book he was selling (Long Walk to Valhalla), flipped through the pages and loved the art in it. I promptly purchased said book and he was kind enough to draw a sketch in the back. Thanks dude!

Matt Fox (left) drawing my sketch (see above). Kelsey Wroten (right) plotting to take my sharpie again...
Had to stop by and chat with Freddie Williams II. Got some comics signed and talked about his new non DC comic projects as it was evident his exclusive had lapsed. While talking I was shocked to learn he remembered meeting me in San Diego back in 2006! Freddie is good people. I look forward to his new DC book The Movement written by Gail Simone coming out next month!
I'll be honest, I'm not to familiar with Howard Chaykin. Sure I know his name and some of the works he's famous for, but when looking for his table I had no idea what he even looked like. While searching I saw Jai Nitz standing by a table and thought to ask him where Howard's table was. Turns out Jai was standing at his table. Heh.
Howard had great energy and was just fun to be around. My wife told me she later ran into him back at our hotel and he was still in good spirits. Something he acknowledged when we walked by his table on the second day of the convention.
Howard Chaykin and my signed copy of American Flagg!

Sat in on a few panels. In order (and pictured below) they were the DC Comics panel, Marvel Comics, Writer's panel and Breaking into Comics panel. Panels featuring in no particular order were: Scott Snyder, Brian Azzarello, Jason Aaron, Gerry Duggan, C.B. Cebulski, Dennis Hopeless, Fran Tieri, Jai Nitz, CW Cooke, Seth Peck, Cullen Bunn, and Freddie Williams II.

During the final day of Planet Comicon I had yet to stop by two very important tables. My DC guys Patrick Gleason and Scott Snyder.

Patrick was very inviting to conversation and a nice guy. I got signatures on issues of Aquaman, Green Lantern Corps and Batman and Robin! Made sure I handed him a flyer and he was very receptive to the idea of Draw Me In. Would I love to get a cameo in a book drawn by Patrick Gleason? Yes! Sounds like he might be up for a return visit to Kansas City as he has a personal connection here as well. It would be great to see him at future shows!

Patrick Gleason! PATRICK GLEASON!

This guy pictured below was popular at the show. Scott Snyder had moved from his original table to accommodate long lines that wrapped behind the booths. On the second day of the show I made a point to get in line and was actually the last in line before he had to go to a panel (a panel of which I attended, glad I didn't make him late).

So awesome to meet this guy. I enjoyed his Swamp Thing run (which is now part of DMI), his current Batman run, and look forward to both Superman Unchanged and The Wake. Got a few signatures (UGH! I totally missed Batman #1!!!!) and talked to him really fast due to his having to leave for the panel.

Scott Snyder! SCOTT SNYDER!

All in all a great show. Other notable people I ran into during the course of the show were Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman), B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick), Hector Casanova (Screamland), Kevin Mellon (Heart), Tony Moore (Deadpool), Mike Sullivan (Crawford), Seth Peck (X-men), Steven Sanders (Wolverine & the X-men), Cat Staggs (Smallville), Frank Tieri (Grifter), Tom Hutchison (Critter) and Nick Spacek!

I did a lot of talking with people that weekend. Thankfully it was easy on the wallet. I spend enough as it is every Wednesday of the year. COMICS! What a hobby. Love my local con. See ya same time next year.
posted by Gjskier (Kal), 12:30 AM


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