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DMI Interview - Charlie Adlard

February 16, 2009

DrawMeIn: Have you ever been asked before to draw someone in (other than I)? How do you respond to this? How about when I asked?

Charle Adlard: I don't get asked very often, to be honest. I used to put friends names on the Judges badges in the Dredd strips I used to draw in 2000AD - but that's about it.I don't mind drawing in people at all - in fact, it saves me thinking up invented faces all the time!

DMI: What are some of the coolest/weirdest things you've snuck into a comic, "Easter eggs" if you will?

Charlie: The only comic I can think of I did something like that in, was my issue of Muties [#5, I think?] for Marvel. In the opening splash page, all the bands that I was currently listening too were on posters on the wall... I did the same thing in the rehearsal room scene in Rock Bottom for AiT/Planet Lar, now I come to think of it...

DMI: How are your convention experiences normally? More specifically with the fans? Have any recent stories to tell?

Charlie: Life must sound really boring... because I have no really great con stories to tell... not with the fans anyhow. Most of them are just really great, appreciative people... like yourself :-)I had a very drunk Karaoke experience at this April's NYC show... but THAT'S another story, not involving fans...

DMI: Lastly, how cool is it to work from home and to draw comic books? How much time do you devote in a days work? What time of day do you prefer to work? How easy is it to get distracted?

Charlie: It's very cool - how can it NOT be?

I have a wife and two kids, so I work a normal 9 - 5 day, Monday to Friday... just like a day at the office. Mind you - I used to do that before family life - I've always been pretty focused. Actually, even though the computer is a great work tool and contributes a LOT to my job nowadays, it's the only thing in the studio that now also distracts me! Curse e-mail and the internet...

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