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End of the Year Post.

December 31, 2015

I haven't posted anything since September. That's no good people. No good at all.

I went through my Facebook posts from this year and wrote down notable moments and events I attended. It really wasn't a bad year. I had fun. Hung out with friends. Went to concerts. Comic book conventions, movies and a game of the World Series!

Looking back over this site however, I know where I've been slacking. Sure, I made cameos in a few funny books this year; six awesome new comic appearances actually. One of them as a returning character in a book... twice!

The best part of going into the new year is knowing that I have a few up-coming appearances, which is comforting. But I've dropped the ball again, as I occasionally do... not only with this site, but of my dream of writing a comic or two. Or three.

Now I hope not to repeat the same mistake for 2016. But it's with these New Year's resolutions/Year End wrap ups, do we realize all the things we can improve upon, and things we've yet to accomplish.

Time to step it up. I need to stop wasting my time and produce!
posted by Gjskier (Kal), 9:26 AM


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