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Greg Smallwood - Professional Comic Book Artist

May 13, 2013

Comic book artist - Circa 2005

Cover for Day of the Dead #1
There's this guy I know, who for a while was the only friend I ever really had to talk to about comics with. I don't know about you, but from where I'm from... there weren't many of us around. He knew his shit. Taught me a thing or two or three. And damn it, this cat could draw too.

I remember going over to his house or hanging out at work. One of us would have an idea (usually him), and I'd run with it filling up a note pad full of dialogue, panels and plots. He would then draw these wonderful characters, bringing the ideas to life... even if they were only two dimensional representations on paper. The thing is... going from fans of the hobby to creating something... becoming a part of it... there's a passion there. And he had it.

The years go by. Life happens. The friendship comes and goes. But there's always comics... hell of a drug man. Our paths would cross and we'd pick up from where we left off, yet creatively things where always moving forward for him. I saw him pursue his passion of drawing comics, and I continually cheered him on. Anybody could see by looking at his artwork, this guy is talented. And I kept every little keepsake of his exploits along the way.

I'm proud of this guy, but not just because he's a good artist. It's because he followed through on this crazy rollercoaster ride that's lead him to where he is today. A professional comic book artist.

Character sketches for Dream Thief

His name is Greg Smallwood. And with a big shout out to Jai Nitz, the writer of the book and the man who opened up this wonderful opportunity for Greg, their comic Dream Thief published by Dark Horse hits shelves Wednesday, May 15.

 I wish them both much success! Congratulations man.

Dream team Jai Nitz (left) and Greg Smallwood (right)

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