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Reaching Out... Josh Howard, Francis Manapul & Lee Garbett

May 12, 2009

I'm always adding new books to my pull list... which can get expensive, but such is this hobby of mine. As with Guillem March starting a run with Gotham City Sirens, I am looking forward to the starts of Josh Howard's new Image run of Dead @17 and Francis Manapul's run starting on Adventure Comics!

It's still early yet to determine any outcomes on these yet. But if either of them stop by here I'd just like to say, "Thanks for visiting!"

And also, while I'm updating this blog, I've also recently talked to Lee Garbett, current penciler on DC Comics Outsiders. He said, "I'll pop you in as soon as the opportunity arises".

So with many weeks of inactivity, I'm finally getting back to this, and getting responses too!

May also marks the 3rd year I've been doing this. So here's looking forward another great year! Good times!

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posted by Gjskier (Kal), 11:17 AM


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